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Food of the Gods by Terence Mckenna is a classic on psychedelic plants. Terence Mckenna is an ethnobotanist and he is widely known in psychedelics circles for his research in mans relationship with consciousness altering chemicals since ancient times. Remarkable is Mckenna’s. without, perhaps, realizing it. My partner Kat, Kathleen Harrison McKenna, has long shared my passion for the psychedelic ocean and the ideas that swim there. ALSO BY TERENCE MCKENNA The Invisible Landscape (with Dennis McKenna ) Food of the Gods The Archaic Revival Trialogues at the Edge of the West (with.

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Full text of "Terence Mckenna - Food Of The sppn.info" drugs and hallucinogens*— Tin* Wasiwtgion Pint □"Terence MeKennc «lh» mori unoorfarf — and matt. Terence McKenna. The Importance of Human Beings. Presented at??? Podcast available for free download at: sppn.info?p= "The Archaic Revival" is my favorite McKenna book. just punch his name into the YouTube search engine, there's *tons* of Terence on there.

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The time has come to tell his story; in reality, it is our story. His unorthodox ideas about the cultural, societal, and evolutionary impact of psychedelic drugs shocked many, and resonated with many others.

Our fateful expedition to the site in together with a small coterie of fellow seekers bent on uncovering the real mystery behind the psychedelic experience has become contemporary myth, chronicled in his book, True Hallucinations. Sadly, Terence died in from terminal brain cancer; he will never know if his ideas about and the end of time are true. But Terence has achieved a kind of virtual immortality. Ghost-like, he haunts the Net; a talking head in Youtube space, the articulate prophet of an end-time that he did not live to see.

His books are still read, e. True Hallucinations, Food of the Gods, The Archaic Revival, The Evolutionary Mind, The Invisible Landscape and others , his voice and image is as close as the click of a mouse, his ideas, as fresh and timely as though they were uttered yesterday.

Terence McKenna – O Alimento dos Deuses

He lives on as the beloved pater familias of a younger generation of psychedelic seekers; most of them were still in diapers when Terence was at the peak of his public career. We called ourselves, self-mockingly, The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss even on the cusp of uncovering the mysteries of existence we managed to keep a sense of humor; it helped to be Irish.

We went in search of we knew not what; only that it was a profound insight, unspeakable, beyond comprehension, and that it would change us, and everything, forever. We were right on both counts, though not in the ways we imagined.

Our trip to the site in is chronicled in The Invisible Landscape, the book we co-authored and published in in an attempt to construct a rational explanation for the things that we experienced. Terence described the adventure again in True Hallucinations HarperOne, , more honestly, and with less technobabble, still with important elements elided, or deliberately omitted.

That expedition, and what has been memorialized in the annals of psychedelia as the Experiment at La Chorrera, was the pivotal event in both of our lives. We were both young when it happened; Terence was a young man of 24; I was a mere lad of We have been haunted ever since by the memory of those curious events that overtook us in that primeval rainforest.

Terence McKenna only had one brother.

I am that brother. Together we traveled to the ends of the earth, together we explored the outer limits of psychedelic experience seeking answers to the astonishing mysteries of time, mind, and the improbable reality of existence on earth.

During the decades that followed La Chorrera, we went on with our lives, at times together, at times separately. Terence became the spokesman for the alien dimensions accessed through psychedelics, the philosopher of the unspeakable, a beloved and sometimes reviled bard of the outer limits of human experience. With lesser minds, of course, each of these fields and attendant scholarly disciplines anthropology, history of ideas, history of religions, biblical scholarship would be more than sufficient for a lifetime; but over the following years, Garry merely kept adding further ones to the list, including my own field of research, Western esotericism.

The protagonist of my present contribution, a contemporary esotericist named Terence McKenna — , in fact shows some similarities to Garry in that he, too, was an omnivorous intellectual although not an established academic with an extraordinary breadth of interests, who dazzlingly combined a whole range of areas of research: in his case shamanism, alchemy, psychedelics, botanical research, ethnopharma- cology, mathematics, millenarianism and utopianism, and, last but not least — macrohistory.

The concept is applied to Western esotericism in Trompf ; As for Trompf and millenarianism, at the time of our first meeting he had just published an edited volume Cargo Cults and Millenarian Movements, which included a long article Trompf partly devoted to the Brotherhood of the Sun: a Californian New Age organization which surely shared quite some concerns such as UFOs with Terence McKenna.

In addition, I gratefully acknowledge the unpublished Masters thesis by my ex-student Sacha Defesche Although the year and the Mayan Calendar are now firmly connected in the popular imagination, we will see that, in fact, the idea that the eschaton will arrive in was originally based not on the Mayan Calendar but on a speculative macrohistory derived by Terence McKenna from the I Ching and inspired by a psychedelic revelation in the site forest.

For good critical discussions see Letcher , — , Partridge , II, esp. Also worth reading are the discussions of McKenna by his most prominent successor as public intellectual of the psychedelic counterculture and prophet of , Daniel Pinchbeck Pinchbeck After graduating in , he traveled widely through the far east, teaching English in Japan for some time, collecting butterflies for biological supply companies, and studying the Tibetan language in Nepal.

Capra does not mention psychoactive substances in this context, but the nature of the experience makes it likely that he had taken LSD, probably at the coast of Esalen.

In fact, however, neoshamanism in its original psychedelic form did not vanish after , but continued as a vital underground culture, which has become much more easily accessible again since the spread of the internet. It is within this specific esoteric milieu that Terence McKenna became a celebrated speaker and author. We had sorted through the ideologi- cal options, and we had decided to put all of our chips on the psychedelic experience as the shortest path to the millennium, which our politics had inflamed us to hope for McKenna , 4.

The power of the image was deep and touching. I seemed to 19 I am referring, of course, to the famous closing lines uttered by Kurz in Apocalypse Now. I could feel the golden chain of adepts reaching back into the distant Hellenistic past, the Hermetic Opus, a project vaster than empires and centuries; nothing less than the redemption of fallen humanity through the respir- itualization of matter.

It is the universal panacea at the end of time, all history being the shock wave of this final actualization of the potential in the human psyche.

These thoughts, these reveries, seemed to me then like the stirring of something vast, something dimly sensed that was stretched out over millions of years, something about the destiny of humankind and the return of the soul to its awesome and hidden source.

What was hap- pening to us? McKenna , 77— This aggre- gate … will be composed of higher dimensional matter, i. All these visionary thinkers [i.

Our destiny was apparently to be the human atoms critical to the transformation of Homo sapiens into galaxy-roving bodhisat- tvas, the culmination and quintessence of the highest aspirations of star- coveting humanity. And then, there came the moment when Dennis did, indeed, begin to produce the strange sounds they had been expecting.

Afterwards there was a period of intense silence, in which came the sound of a cock crowing three times. Then Dennis pointed his finger at a mushroom standing on the raised experiment area, and both brothers saw how its cap was transformed into the tiny image of planet earth. In the aftermath of this vision, Terence tells us, he turned out to have developed a state of perfect telepathy with his brother, and moreover, any question silently formulated in his mind and addressed to Dennis was instantly answered by a voice in his head.

Dennis told him that he was by no means the only one to experience this phenomenon: … he assured me that his effort had succeeded and that all over the world the wave of hypercarbolation was sweeping through the human race, elim- inating the distinction between the individual and the community as eve- ryone discovered themselves spontaneously pushing off into a telepathic ocean whose name was that of its discoverer: Dennis McKenna McKenna , Both brothers believed that the global trans- formation was now making a twenty-four hour sweep around the earth 24 With hindsight, McKenna wonders whether they prepared the ayahuasca correctly , — , and this is very important in view of what was about to happen.

Ayahuasca consists of two plants: a vine called Banisteriopsis caapi that contains so- called MAO-inhibitors, meaning that they temporarily neutralize MAO enzymes in the stomach, and admixture plants containing the psychedelic substances DMT, which becomes orally active only in combination with an MAO-inhibitor without it, it is neu- tralized by the MAO enzymes. In addition, KcKenna admits that they may have picked the wrong admix- ture plants.

If they did, there is no way of telling what the brothers had actually ingested that evening. This is it. There is no more. Within a few hours, the superstructure of earthbound, human civilization is going to collapse and your species will depart. First you will go to Jupiter and then to Alpha in Sagittarius.

A day of high adventure dawns at last for the human beings McKenna , Terence first began to realize that something was wrong when he dis- covered he was the only one who heard Dennis in his mind: in fact, his friends were getting more and more alarmed at their behaviour and feared that they were going insane.

Nevertheless, although he admits that much in the book is now out- dated, he adds that other parts are now better supported by current sci- entific knowledge than was the case at the time of the first edition McKenna and McKenna , xix. The first part of the book consists of introductory chapters on shamanism, schizophrenia, organismic thought, holography, psychedelic pharmacology a particularly long and technical chapter certainly written by Dennis , and a summary of the La Chorrera experiment.

The tone is academic throughout, sometimes even to a pedantic degree. The theory is based upon the hypothesis that the I Ching is related to an early lunar calendar. On these principles, they argue, the resulting numbers turn out to coincide with major astronomical units such as the average sunspot cycle, the Zodiacal Ages and the precession of the equinoxes see table I in McKenna and McKenna , Furthermore, they point out, the calendar as such is more accurate than the traditional Chinese day calendar by a factor of many thousands, and more accurate than our Gregorian calendar by a factor of well over one hundred McKenna and McKenna , Be that as it may, this is only the beginning.


Time, like light, may best be described as a union of opposites. Time may be both wave and, ultimately, particle, each in some sense a reflection of the other.

We have called the quantized wave-particle, what- ever its level of recurrence within the hierarchy of its duration, eschaton McKenna and McKenna , The chapter ends with a conclusion that, in nuce, contains the founda- tion for the prediction: Simply put, we are saying that the wave-hierarchy of energy that regulat- es the ingression of novelty into time thus constellates the world of our 29 The rules are given in McKenna and McKenna , — Note that the pas- sages on these crucial pages in the edition are strongly revised and rewrit- ten with respect to the edition.

Simply put? But for the more practically-minded, the crucial question now surely becomes: how do we determine at which point in history any of these waves begins? In the edition this is followed by a passage of less than one page, which in the edition has been replaced by a newly writ- ten text of several pages long. The version says: We have chosen to position the graph relative to human history in such a way as to give terminal, and hence greatest, stress to the decades of the immediate future.

We have done this because we believe that the self- evidently climactic modern situation is itself an event which could only occur very close to a major concrescence32 of the wave McKenna and McKenna , The circular logic of this argument is evident: its conclusion we are at the end of the cycle was actually the premise on which the whole rea- soning was based!

On page , the McKennas describe a number of ever smaller cycles to which their graph can be applied, based upon their key number 32 See note The answer can be kept vague as long as were are dealing with cycles of thousands or millions, but clearly becomes crucial once we are dealing with a period of only 67 years.


Ergo, counting 67 years forwards from we arrive at… As already indicated, in the edition the passage is replaced by a new one, which introduces us to two new elements: computer software and the Mayan Calendar. No specific date is given within the year. Note that the year is mentioned one more time on page of the edition, but without new essential information being added.

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Eric S. Accordingly, whereas the edition of The Invisible Landscape only mentions generally, central to the new section pp. The McKennas mention the Mayan Calendar, but emphasize — correctly, as we have seen — that they had arrived at the end date independently. Goodman and Juan M. This correlation was validated by Thompson in , and is known as the GMT correlation Defesche , 19— We believe that by using such ideas as a compass for the col- lectivity, we may find our way back to a new model in time to reverse the progressively worldwide alienation that is fast turning into an eco-cidal planetary crisis.

A model of time must give hope and overcome entropy in its formal composition. In other words, it must mathematically secure the reasonableness of hope McKenna and McKenna , These were the last bits of news we had received before our departure from Puerto Leguizamo.

HELL 1 1. This is a botanic mystery that remains controversial among evolutionary biologists even today. I was unfamiliar with the protocols that had developed among the more exotic of my peers in the post-Charles Manson era.

With each level of complexity achieved becoming the platform for a further ascent into complexity. It is within this specific esoteric milieu that Terence McKenna became a celebrated speaker and author.

In addition, KcKenna admits that they may have picked the wrong admix- ture plants. Garry W. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.