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Monday, March 25, 2019

Efficient Address Book is an elegant contact management software program. This handy software can help you manage the information of even thousands of. In our contact management software you can store fast and easily name, phone numbers, birthdays, address, company name, city, mobile numbers, insurance. Supercharge your address book and network like a pro. a while now and it is simply a superb contact management system and a superb app to accompany it!.

Address Book Contact Manager

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Business Contact Book is powerful contact management software for Mac with extended functionality to manage personal and business contacts. Today, we will be reviewing some of the best address book software for Windows Contact/address book management has gone beyond. A whole host of apps on Google Play and the iOS App Store can help you turn a disorderly mess of contacts into a cleanly sorted address book.

The smartest, simplest contacts app

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Why Choose Efficient Address Book?

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X You seem to have CSS turned off. Providing the right balance between practical functionality, usability and simplicity in user interface design, BCB is a good choice for individuals looking for an ordinary address book or phone book app as well as professionals, small businesses and companies of any size who require advanced options for structured contacts organization and management.

Thanks to the BCB structure, you can keep all sorts of information about people and companies, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, websites, social contacts, departments, in two separated lists for personal and business information with the possibility to link the records and, if necessary, save company structure details by adding departments with the corresponding information. Add notes to any contact to remember important details.

Download Business Contact Book for Mac. Current version 3. So, we provide a flexible contact management application that allows individual users and entire organizations to customize the app the way that best meets their needs. BCB is a contact organizer with special options such as records linking, quick search, sending emails capabilities and automatic and manual backup options. BCB is an advanced contact management solution that offers the Trash option to easily restore deleted contacts, automatic and manual backup options, flexible printing options, including the option to print mailing labels, advanced searching and filtering for tracking the complex structure of contacts.

Efficient Address Book

Right Balance between Functionality and Usability Business Contact Book is a well-organized and easy to navigate app with extended functionality to manage your personal and business contacts.

Thanks to its intuitive interface and complete feature set, Business Contact Book is the best software to manage your existing contacts and make new ones.

Smart contacts organization The core Business Contact Book functionality is contacts organization. Depending on the information type, contacts are stored in two linked lists. People list and Companies list are stored separately making it easy to manage and sort your contacts in the way that meets your needs and find contact details. You can easily locate personal and business contacts by switching between People and Companies list. For more visualization, you can add photos to any contact.

Optimized for large databases With BCB you can store and manage large contact lists.

Free Address Book - Your contact management software

Import information from Mac Contacts You can add more contacts by creating new ones or importing information from Mac Contacts. If you have duplicated contacts in the Mac Contacts app or any contacts you import are duplicates of existing ones in Business Contact Book, you can easily resolve duplicates. You can choose the fields you want to export and order them the way you need.

By doing so, you may also choose to export the certain types of information only. For example, if you export phone numbers, you may select work numbers or home numbers only or you may join all the information related to the same information field in one cell. How to export contacts to CSV Save company structure Looking for a quick way to manage information for companies, departments and employees? If people work at the same company optionally, department , you may add a company or department only once and then simply select them.

So, the company and department information is shared by many personal contacts. Link your records people, departments, companies BCB provides is a handy solution to store the list of employees within the company structure.

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You can establish the following linking: person - company, person - department - company, department - company. Preventing accidental data loss We understand how important is to prevent accidental data loss. Trash option Accidentally deleted important contacts?

With the Trash option enabled, you can easily restore them.Reminders You can add birthday and anniversaries to a contact and the program will remind and show you the ages of them on time. Great going, guys! Depending on the information type, contacts are stored in two linked lists. When you delete contacts in Business Contact Book, they are moved to the app's Trash.

Love to stick with it even if it is going to cost me money. You can create a wide array of business apps to automate simple company processes with workflows, notifications, views etc.