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This fanon is a continuation of the Avatar story, mainly focusing on the search for Zuko's mother. The story also introduces a new character named Kaizen, the. Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Energy is the planned upcoming sequel to Book 3. It takes place three years after the defeat of the Fire Lord and the end of. The first chapter in Dennis Fielder's Book 4: Air story. Sokka declares that Team Avatar will go with Aang and Zuko to look for Ursa. The truth behind Zuko's maternal great grandfather was revealed in "The Avatar and the Fire Lord".

Avatar The Last Airbender Book 4 Air

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The fourth chapter of Book 4: Air. Contents[show] Plot At Omashu, they plan on visiting Mai's family, the new Fire Nation ambassadors for the Earth Kingdom. We Want "Avatar:The Last Airbender-Book 4 Air"!!! likes. Avatar is a great show!We want it back on the air!What happend to Zukos mom?Is Aang really. Main article: Avatar: The Last Airbender (season 1) This episode was first publicly released as one of the extras in the NTSC season 1 DVD box set, season, Title, Animated by, Directed by, Written by, Original air date 4, 4, "The Warriors of Kyoshi", JM Animation, Giancarlo.

They both walked out into the hall and were greeted by the two servants kneeling in front of Aang. They were carrying some sort of yellow cloth in their hands. It was from the Southern Air Temple. That is where you are from, correct? About a minute later, he came out in his outfit.

It was a long-sleeved yellow shirt, much like the one he wore under his old orange shawl, with a little left over going under the belt. On top of the shirt was a faded orange cape-like shawl with a yellow collar. It had long yellow pants and brown shoes and his belt was red. The rest of the group agreed and started their way down to the dining room. Sokka was having fun with his crutches using them as a swing, if that makes any sense.

Suki was laughing at his playfulness and Toph was kicking a pebble across the floor. Katara couldn't help but ask, "What's the 'Greatest Achievements Hall'? One of the servants said, "It is where we keep all of our memories of our greatest achievements. We have many air nation souvenirs there for our great success in destroying the air nomads.

Aang was the most silent. He closed his eyes, trying to block the tears from falling from his eyes. Katara's eyes widened and she ran up to Aang to give him a hug.

She looked at his face and saw him struggling to keep from crying and whispered, "I'll make him keep quiet, okay? Katara turned towards the servant and gave him a glare that could kill. The man reeled back in fear. To talk about his people like that!?

He hit the wall and she froze him against it. She started walking down the hall and everyone else followed. Aang ran up to Katara and whispered, "Thanks for standing up for me. There was a loud applaud from the room. Aang laughed, "Yeah, it's good not to be chased by these people, this may sound weird, but…I feel free. Now, it's like something inside me…has disappeared…something that I've had forever," Katara said.

Katara's eyes widened. It just, I don't know how to feel without it.

Zuko walked up to them wearing a red and gold robe. We're about to eat," he said, smiling. They took their seats at the table. Katara sat down and Aang dashed to sit next to her, making her blush. Sokka sat next to Suki and Toph went to sit by Zuko.

Suki slapped her forehead and shook her head in embarrassment. Katara and Aang laughed at the typical couple, but then went into silence. How did you beat him? Aang began to tell her about what happened, "Well, when I went missing, I met a giant lion turtle who taught me about not bending the elements, but bending the energy within ourselves. I'm guessing that was like a billion years ago, but he taught me that by placing my hands on a persons forehead and heart, I can concentrate the energy in their body and turn it into light — ".

I had a hunch it was you and I got so worried! What was happening when the whole sky almost turned red? Aang continued, saying, "Ozai's spiritual energy was temporarily stronger than mine, so it began to take over mine. In the end, my spiritual energy was stronger and Ozai's power was sucked into me. What would happen then? So the night went on, Sokka stuffed himself and there was much laughter. Late at night, the gaang went up to their suites to have a much-deserved night of peace.

We ended the war and we are all still alive!

Fanon:Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Air (Dennis Fielder)

Even though a few of us encountered lightning on the way. They all went to bed peacefully that night. Momo flew into Aang's room and cuddled up against him. All was peaceful and happy. The next morning, everyone slept in and was happy about it. Though it made it even harder to get up. Sokka limped into Katara's room and started whining like a baby without it's bottle.

Katara threw her pillow over her head in a futile attempt at blocking out her brother's whines. I think I twisted it in my sleep because it hurts really really really really really really bad!

Katara's eyes shut tight as she realized how stupid she's been lately. She's a healer! She could heal him that whole time!!! You're the one who forgot you could heal, and your calling me stupid? He sat down on Katara's bed and laid out his foot. Katara got up, yawned, stretched, and walked across the room to get her waterskin. She walked back with it and took the water out. Soon the blue glow filled the room and the purified water began to heal Sokka's foot.

As long as you don't twist it again in your sleep. Soon, Sokka stood up and limped around the room. Thank you, Katara. She laid back down as Sokka left the room, using only one of the crutches. She yawned and closed her eyes as she gently drifted off to sleep —.

Katara groaned as she slid out of bed and walked to the door. As in your scar? Why would his back be hurting? Aang simply nodded and Katara led him into her room.

He sat down on her bed and she sat behind him. She got some water from the bucket of water the fire sages gave her. He pulled off his shirt and she got to work re-healing his wound. Aang stiffened up when she healed the burning area on his back. Soon the burning faded and Aang loosened up. I guess it really only started hurting now.

Zuko's coronation is in an hour. Katara walked to her bathroom to take a nice, warm bath.

She filled up the tub, got in, and sighed. She had never been so relaxed in her life. After her thirty-minute bath, she got out and began to do her hair.

Should I do my hair loopies again? Nah, I don't feel like doing a braid. Uhhhhh, I'll just do what I have been for a while. She waterbended the water out of her hair pulled some of it back into a swirled bun and placed her two, skinny beads on her bangs.

She slid her bangs into the bun and started to comb her hair. She walked into her bedroom and walked to her clothes roll. She pulled out her short-sleeved watertribe tunic with a white belt and slid it on over her white undergarments. She pulled on her navy-blue Capri's and put on her boots.

She walked out of the room as she slid her waterskin over her shoulder, heading for Zuko's coronation. Zuko walks out onto the coronation balcony with Aang slowly following. The crowd cheers as soon as they see Zuko. I promised my Uncle that I would restore the honor of the Fire Nation…..

The road ahead of us is challenging. A hundred years of fighting has left the world scarred and divided.

is there book 4:air?

But with the Avatar's help, we can get it back on the right path, and begin a new era of love and peace. He then kneeled down as the head fire sage walked behind him with the Fire Nation diadem. They had been invited to the Jasmine Dragon for tea with Uncle Iroh. How could they say no? They all took off on Appa, heading for Ba Sing Se. Katara sat next to Aang on Appa's head, while everyone else took their seat on Appa's Saddle.

Later that evening, everyone riding on the saddle was asleep. Katara kept little conversations with Aang to keep him up.

Soon, fatigue attacked Katara and she laid her head down on Aang's shoulder. Aang blushed madly. Soon enough, Katara fell asleep as well. The dull, boring quietness made it very hard for the young avatar to keep up. That is until he saw the fireworks. At first he thought it was just his imagination. But then he realized the fireworks were for him and the rest of the gaang, celebrating their victory in the war.

Towns all across the globe were shooting off fireworks in honor of them. The night was filled with the colorful brilliance of the sparkling bursts.

Aang shook Katara gently awake and she gawked at the spectacular lights filling the sky from town to town. Sokka woke up and stared up into the beautiful sky. Soon, everyone, even Momo, was awake. In a few hours they arrived at the Jasmine Dragon, where Iroh had set up all of the guest beds in the back rooms.

They all crawled into bed and fell quickly to sleep, dreaming of the amazing fireworks they saw that night. Katara yawned as she got up in the morning. Toph, Mai, and Suki were all wide-awake talking about random things. She went and took her bath, took the water out of her hair and combed it, she put her usual bun in and attached her "hair loopies" to it.

She walked outside of the teashop to smell the fresh air and noticed a young avatar, sitting, and picking flowers.

I picked it for you. That's so sweet. And I know just the place to put it, too. She runs into Long Feng throughout the journey. Zuko - The current Fire Lord, without any word from Ozai about his mother's whereabouts, Zuko decides to look for her, with help from the rest of the team. Mai - Now a member of the team, Mai determines to go with Zuko on the search for his mother no matter what happens. She's also put in charge of protecting her little brother when her parents leave him in her care, so he can see the world.

Ty Lee - Now a member of the team, Ty Lee gets to come search for Ursa with the rest of the team and proves to still be as happy-go-lucky as ever, and she also might end up finding an unknown relative.

Team Anti-Avatar Azula just after she's broken out. Hama - After being freed by Malu, Hama joins her team and attacks the Avatar's team, usually fighting Katara.

Azula - After regaining her sanity, Azula was transferred to the Boiling Rock, were there she met a boy named Kaizen and was rescued by Malu, promised to fight her brother for revenge for her imprisonment. Other Characters Pakku - Kanna's new husband. Suki decided to stay in the Ba Sing Se too so the gang decided to get a house and live there together. The city offered to pay for expenses and to give a free house in the upper ring for their service to the earth kingdom.

Then they would head to Gao ling to see The Bei Fongs. The day of departure had come. Toph was trying to find any reason not to go but her friends were practically forcing her. Their time in between had given Aang and Katara a lot of time to become a close couple to the annoyance of Sokka. The sky bison lifted into the air and Aang jumped back to the saddle with the others. He sat next to Katara who leaned on his shoulder. This prompted a small pout from Katara who then preceded to follow him to Appa's head.

Aang and Katara snuggled while she enjoyed the warmth of his body. Before long they were making out on Appa's head. Sokka started hearing the sounds of their fun. Appa landed in the courtyard of the large estate. They were greeted by many guards and servents who led them to the main hall. There the Bei fong's were waiting. When they saw Toph they ran and hugged her.

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I have had a chance to explore the world and be happy". I have a new family and home. I am just here to visit and explain. He smiled at the gang and ordered a servant to show them their rooms. Meanwhile Toph recapped their adventures with her parents. How could he choose her over you. What connections does she have that the Bei Fong's have. What is her bloodline…". Aang and Katara are in love there isn't anything you can do about that.

Toph knew things might get ugly. Aang and Katara were asleep and there was no time to warn them of tomorrow's events. The next morning Aang was called to a meeting with Toph's parents privately.

Only Toph knew why and she knew if she told her friends they would be mortified. She is the next in line to carry along the Bei Fong family. She needs to marry a noble and great man to honor her family. We thought what better man than the Avatar, one of her best friends. You should honor yourself and us by marrying Toph, not some water tribe peasant" Lao said cooly.

She means everything to me. I am not going to throw that away. Are you saying she is not honorable enough? They told me we shouldn't be together because you weren't honorable and by being with you I was dishonoring myself. Everyone looked at Katara whose face had fell and then turned to pure rage.

She marched right back into the house and into the meeting room. An hour later the gang was on Appa headed towards the newly renovated South Pole to see Sokka and Katara's family. Appa landed and they were soon surrounded by all of the tribe members. The kids surrounded Aang, who started telling them stories. Some were a little wary of Zuko, remembering his last visit even with Katara and Sokka telling them he was cool.

They met up with Hakota who looked happy to see his children. Aang went to unpack and Zuko Toph, Mai, and Suki went to explore. Katara and Sokka went to their grandparents hut. Katara yelled as she ran over and gave her grandmother a hug. Sokka was already in the room being as he came earlier. Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Avatar: Last Airbender.

This is a story about what happens after the finale. Picks up were show left off. If you or I hadn't come back you would never know how I felt" They kissed again and held each other.

Make a wish" "Why? I have everything I want right here" "You mean that" he said as a tear shone in his eye. Toph just started to giggle. Their heart beats have been driving me crazy since I joined" Sokka turned to look toward the balcony where his entire friend's attention was.He looked down and realized he didn't have a shirt on because it had gotten ripped off. Chapter Seven: Soon all of the doors were closed as the gaang admired the high-class suites.

Terms of Service. There's nothing my size here……". In other projects Wikidata. Chapter Three: Zuko thought for a moment and decided. The evening sun glinted off of Katara's light green kimono, magnifying her beauty ten fold. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.