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Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde Bared to You by Sylvia Day Down to You by Michelle Leighton On Dublin Street by. Avoiding Commitment By: K.A. Linde Wake me up, I've been dreaming, Because I haven't heard from you in days. Hazy now, this fog just follows me around. Actions. Report. Avoiding Commitment (Avoiding #1) by K.A. Linde K. A. Linde. Avoiding Commitment 2 of 6 K.A. Linde - Avoiding sppn.info MB.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Fantastic read! Gritty, real, painful, and wonderfully messy a true Avoiding Commitment - Kindle edition by K.A. Linde. Avoiding Commitment 1 Ka Linde - [Free] Avoiding Commitment 1 Ka Linde [PDF ] [EPUB]. School Health Guidelines to Prevent Unintentional. Avoiding Commitment By: K.A. Linde Wake me up, I've been dreaming, Because I haven't heard Download Neles Intelligent Valve Controller Series Ndx PDF.

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Avoiding Commitment By: Linde Wake me up, I've been dreaming, Because I haven't heard from you in days.

Hazy now, this fog just follows me around, And it's only you that burns it away. Present Vibrations reverberated throughout the miniscule apartment. The sound dulled and then died, not even registering on the tiny figure wrapped in a heap of hand-me-down quilts her grandmother had sewn together during the Great Depression. Winter was far from blowing in on Manhattan Island, but that never stopped Lexi from surrounding herself with a little piece of home.

Again, the electronic noise pierced the early morning silence. She groaned, nearly rolling off the twin sized bed. Her hand fumbled clumsily for the alarm clock, slamming on the snooze button several times before realizing that the damn thing wasn't even plugged in let alone set for an early Saturday morning wake-up call. She peeled her eyes open searching desperately for the obnoxious noise before zeroing in on her crummy old cell phone. It was situated between a box of old photographs, last night's cup of coffee, and her laptop, which had turned itself off when she hadn't been kind enough to plug it in for the night.

She stared across the room debating whether this or anything else was important enough to get out of her cozy nook this early on a Saturday morning as the third ring blared through the apartment. Shoving the covers off of her bare legs, she painstakingly stumbled out of bed, immediately stubbing her big toe on her nightstand. Swear words escaped her mouth and she barely kept from falling over as pain shot through her toe.

Reaching out for the cell phone, she extended her arm and barely saved it before it vibrated over the side of the cluttered desk. The voice was vaguely familiar almost seductive, but it was ridiculously early so she wasn't going to blame herself for not immediately recognizing the deep masculine tone. Lexi pulled the phone from her ear and looked at the time. She groaned when she saw it was only six; four hours before she had to be awake.

The number glaring blindly from the screen wasn't programmed into her phone, but this came as no surprise. She had accidentally dropped her phone in a toilet two months earlier when left alone in a nightclub. The phone had miraculously survived, but none of her numbers had. She had spent the next week recovering: The fact that she didn't recognize the number wasn't what perplexed her, but that it wasn't a local New York area code. Strangely enough, it was an Atlanta area code, and the only people she still talked to from home were her parents.

When she had replaced the numbers in her phone, she hadn't retained a single Atlanta phone number other than those. After moving to New York two years ago, she had tried to let go of her past and move on to what she hoped would be a bright future.

I would have never called if I didn't absolutely have to. I feel really bad about this Lexi. I hope you aren't still angry at me, but I really did have to call you," he said sincerely. She almost felt bad for speaking so severely to him especially since she was too groggy to recognize the voice. And to be honest, she thought he sounded a little pathetic. She rubbed her tired eyes before allowing herself to speak again.

She sighed heavily knowing that silence meant that this wasn't going to be someone she wanted to speak with. You're not in my phone. The sound of her heart palpitating inside her chest could be heard out the door, down the hall and quite possibly outside in the nearby construction zone through the jackhammer slamming against the concrete…not to mention through the phone.

Her mouth felt like she had been chewing on chalk all night and her stomach had suddenly been assaulted by butterflies whacking their tiny wings violently against her insides. All she could do was cough in disbelief.

Her mind was whirling with indescribable possibilities for the purpose of his phone call - each new idea seemingly more ridiculous than the last. Deep down, she knew her reaction was not only uncharacteristic of her usual cool demeanor, but also completely uncalled for. So what if she hadn't heard a word from him since their last encounter over a year and a half ago? That didn't mean that he couldn't drop her a line at six o'clock in the morning on a random Saturday.

After all, they had been friends…of sorts for nearly six years now. I didn't mean to intrude," he said quickly. She was terrified that he might hang up after only a few short minutes of his time. Of course you're not intruding.

I just wasn't expecting…well you. I wasn't expecting you," she could hear how breathy and uneven her voice had gotten and wanted to kick herself with her hurt toe for being such a girl sometimes. I'm sorry I've been out of touch. Maybe he never would have called her again.

Her mind poured over the countless possible interpretations of this statement. She could feel them drying out, but somehow couldn't bring herself to blink. She couldn't process what he was saying. He needed her? Not just needed her, but needed her there with him. Needed her home.

She shook her head realizing she must be misunderstanding him. There was no way that after everything that had happened between them that he would ever call her like this. It's kind of hard to explain. Do you have a minute? She visualized her planner, which was filled to the brim with meetings and luncheons Monday through Friday, and then her measly Saturday with only a haircut for company. All she had was time. Welllllllll Enough sexual tension and explosive love scenes to give your New-Adult heart a run for its money!

This caused a full on panic attack no joke, I yelled at the computer, like really yelled at which point I had to mentally check out for the remainder of the night Review by Sliced Open Reviews Source: View all 11 comments. Jun 25, Dominique rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was amazing but i completely hate it! Linde job well done by bringing so much emotion out of so many people but i hate cheating and i despise these people.

A good author can alw This book was amazing but i completely hate it! A good author can always rile up emotions and thats what u did i just hate what i am feeling OR go back to the Paranormal where the vampires always win! FUCK real life right now Go to my facebook page K. I have some links and threads there that talk about them. Here are a few ideas: Lexi -- http: Bekah -- http: Jack -- http: Ramsey -- http: View all 17 comments.

Taryn Cellucci GR. This is not your normal yummy happily-ever-after romance! More like toxic shock! I admit that I very much enjoy my fair share of angst in a book and, after a highly recommended shove, I chose to jump in and see what all the hollering was about in regards to this new-to-me-author's book.

It literally sucked the life out of me with its frenzied and self-destructive cast of characters. It was like a drug to my system. I had to find out what these crazies were going to do next to each other in the name of friendship and love. He talks a great game but most of it is just a pack of lies. But the two together are a walking nightmare.

And Lexi has plenty of opportunities for an upgrade. Her friend Chyna, who is a bit of nutcase herself, is certainly more than willing to help Lexi out of this situation and this girl has the resources to get it done. There were times when Lexi would cheat on her current boyfriend while he slept and she slipped away with Jack!

It was a never ending circle of sexual musical beds, walls, sandy beaches, showers -- well, I'm sure you get the picture. Although there is one guy who popped into the picture named Ramsay who gives me hope for turning this madness around.

Time after time, Jack and Lexi always find a way back to each other for more hot lust and sex. At first I wanted to believe it was real love on her part — and maybe it was to a certain extent. Heck, maybe Jack even loved her in some unexplained way. By the way, thanks to Taryn Cellucci, a Goodreads friend, who pointed the way to this "carnival. View all 23 comments. Jul 31, Melissa rated it it was ok.

Not good for my health Or my hair. View all 75 comments. Well I'm trying to figure out what I can say about this book to do it justice!! It was superb, outstanding and just amazing! While reading reviews on this book a reviewer described it as a mix between The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher and The Thoughtless series by S.

C Stephens and she could not have described it any better. I think the thing that struck me was how much damage they did to each other emotionally.

There relationship is so destructive and reckless but absolutely captivating I could not put this book down. I have never hated a male lead character as much as I did Jack I think at one point I was actually wishing harm on him. Lexi was awesome, I immediately loved her and I felt just heartbroken for her in this book. This book is an emotional journey and K. A Linde is an amazing writer she evoked almost every emotion out of me while reading this and to me that is the mark of an unbelievably talented writer and an amazing book!!

She captivated me and made me think and I love that. I can't wait to read book two Avoiding Responsibility and see where Lexi's story goes. Again what an amazing book, definitely something you should read!!! View all 9 comments. I cannot believe I actually managed to finish this book.

Avoiding Commitment

Why, you ask? All the characters where buuuuuullllshiit. I simply couldn't stand Lexi and I wanted to cut of Jack's dick! Waste of time this book was, I tell you. View all 3 comments. Jun 24, Erin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oh, the things this book did to me!!

Words fail to express the beatings my heart was subjected to, the incomparable lust I experienced, or the nauseating trepidation that plagued my stomach. Avoiding Commitment isn't just a story, it's an emotional, lust-filled, gut-wrenching journey that will be on your mind long after you finish that last page. Avoiding Commitment follows the path of Jack and Lexi's all-consuming, intensely passionate relationship over it's 6 years.

The blurb for this book had Oh, the things this book did to me!! The blurb for this book had me expecting something else entirely, and I certainly wasn't expecting these characters when I picked it up. Lexi…god, where do I begin with this wholly confused, used, and troubled woman?! Written in third person and switching from present to past settings, the magnitude of the relationship between Lexi and Jack was slowly revealed piece by piece.

Lexi without a doubt became enthralled by this man as time went on, with little thought for her own self-preservation. I wanted to shake her when she went back each time, and by the time she was at the point of utter desperation I wanted to lock her in a sensory deprivation chamber and throw away the key!

She was in a constant state of denial, always wanting to think the best of Jack because deep down she knew he claimed her. And she was by no means innocent in the choices she made, at times not caring at all about the ones she hurt in the process. God, I was so frustrated and baffled by her for so much of this book, but she was still this character who I just adored and wanted to see FINALLY get the peace her heart has constantly desired.

Do I sound contradictory yet? Yeah, wait until you read it! Jack the dreamboat. Jack the liar. Jack the selfish. Jack the tender and loving. Jack the cheater. Jack the biggest narcissistic ass this side of the globe.

There are so many Jacks we get to see in this story, I decided they each deserved their own introduction, and even their own tongue-lashing. I could not comprehend how he could love this girl and care and yearn so deeply for her, yet not think about what his actions meant for her. I have never EVER felt so torn about a character, with such strong conflicting feelings that were on polar opposite ends of the spectrum!! The chemistry between Lexi and Jack, though, that was just without a doubt astounding.

My heart raced just in the anticipation of what could happen every time they were together, and Linde made those moments beyond memorable!! It was incredible! The secondary characters played a big part in my feelings about Lexi and Jack as well. She won me over for that alone, because someone needed to beat some sense into that girl.

I love this sexy knight-in-shining armor of sorts! The last chapters of this book were a complete shock! When the big twist is revealed, I was just fuming mad. My heart broke for Lexi, she was just shattered and had taken so much at that point that it was inconceivable that she could bear any more. Lexi handled it maturely, and I hope to all that his holy she sticks with her final decision you go, girl!!

They deserve it, and Lexi deserves to have some vindication if for nothing other than her own self-worth! It was just so intense from start to finish, and I feel like I was holding my breath for the entire book! View all 84 comments. Jul 04, Kellie Maddox-Ward rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jack had always been best at lying. Some people were good at sports. Some people were good at school. Some people were good at working. While some people were good at commitment, Jack was good at avoiding commitment.

I loved this story. It kept me on my toes. I hated the characters but also loved them. They were all fucked in the head, not just the heroine being a whiny bitch or the Hero being all alpha male and then making everything better and turning around and changing his life for her kind of thing.

I loved the ending. I loved that each chapter jumped between the past and the present. Loved the characters. Loved the secondary characters. Loved the writing style. Yep I just loved it. I feel like doing this!

View all 8 comments. Jul 31, Kristen marked it as not-for-me Shelves: Lots of cheating and over-the-top drama.

No thanks! View all 14 comments. Currently FREE!!! View all 4 comments. Then, he swore he would never lie to me again.

And to this day, I don't think he has," Lexi said wistfully. We just lied to everyone else. To those of you that are familiar with my taste in reading will know that Angsty bo "He lied to me about Danielle. This may not be my most angsty read yet, actually this one was pretty tame as to what I'm used to but it sucked me in like an angst junkie needing their latest fix. Perhaps maybe because I saw similarities in myself and Lexi because unfortunately I have a Jack of my own, well almost The fact that you have the capability of convincing women to hold out for you until you break their hearts?

I loathe him already. This news hurt Lexi because she's been in love with him for the past six years and though this may break her heart, at the encouragement from her friend Chyna she has decided to do this favor for him to help ensure herself the closure so has been in dire need of for the past two years, or more accurately since the day she first laid her eyes upon him. Linde decides to include us and that's what lead to my reading madness. I can hope for love again.

A love that will be more than anything however attempted to give to me. Because the love I am looking for will be reciprocated one hundred and ten percent. There will never be another someone to distract our affections, because you will not be in the picture. You always want what you can't have, and what you can easily have you don't want anyways.

Well that's my belief and Avoiding Commitment has successfully summed up my thoughts on this subject most accurately. Yet sometimes it difficult to make our hearts believe it. What essentially made Avoiding Commitment so addictive was the manner in which the story was told. One chapter K. Linde has me consumed in the present day of the story and just at the juicy part she began a new chapter taking place somewhere between six years ago and present day.

It was fascinating to watch the full story unfold, it was as if I were slowly unraveling a mystery, and I reveled in it. He laughed lightly. You don't have a boyfriend right now. I don't have a boyfriend," she conceded, "but I could. But you don't. Either way, we've been here before. These two seem to be inseparable for the past six years, and even when they've had a significant amount of time away from each other, these two can easily pick up as if there was no time lost at all.

My heart wrenched for these two adorably love able and charismatic lovebirds I hated Jack once more. Lol Jack had always been best at lying. Jack, oh that bastard I loved to hate.

He's such a glorious villain that I have such a strong passion about his character He's a gorgeous, manipulative, selfish, charismatic, sick individual that turned my stomach inside out with his masochistic behavior. I always go for the bad boys but I find Jack to be lacking any redeemable qualities that by the end of the book, although I hated him, Lexi almost had me sympathizing with the douschebag myself. Like I said, he's a charmer, but he did not win my heart, he kept my destroying every bit of progress we made as their story progressed.

She was going to this party because of Jack. Strike one. She wanted to prove that Bekah was a phony. Strike two. And possibly humiliate her brother miserably. Strike three. She was in a low place.

Have you ever had your heart toyed with so many times that instead of doing the healthy thing and walking away, you decided a mission to destroy everyone in your path by unleashing their dirty secrets might make you feel better? I'm probably in the minority here but I actually adored Lexi, in spite of her flaws and dark secrets.

She is most definitely not a saint, nor is she innocent, yet I found her at times funny, relatable, and bitchy, yet likable besides her cheating in many ways she was a victim in all of these manipulations and I felt pity for her.

In the grand scheme of things she was oblivious to the truth behind all of Jack's manipulative behavior, I mean honestly if he hasn't made you "his" in six years or even chose you as a girlfriend over his past girlfriends after all this time, when is accurate to assume that perhaps maybe your just the "mistress" and not "his"?

As sad as that revelation is Lexi fails to fully appreciate that, and believes she is the one Jack truly loves yet, he has a girlfriend that stands in the way of him fully declaring his affections for her after six years together.

In that moment, she knew. All that stuff about things being different had been bullshit. He wanted to kiss her. He wanted her. Enter Ramsey the brother to Behak Bitch of the South Jack's girlfriend, and he had me swooning because there was just something so sweet and endearing about him, yet I sensed a bit of mystery under the surface that I'm eager to uncover in Avoiding Responsibility because I think he has a Billionaire bad boy side of him that I'm lusting desiring to know more about.

It's obvious he's a trust fund baby, but I just have a suspicion that he maintains a career in the adult entertainment industry, I just can't wrap my brain around this one, but I must know his secret. Regardless I'll take him and his outrageously sexy body, money and charm any day over Jack. I came here," she paused slowly walking towards him, "to help her not make the same mistake that I did. Oh wait, Jack is deserving of her.

The entire time reading I kept asking myself; what girlfriend would want their boyfriends ex to come visit to convince him to commit to her?!

I almost felt sorry for her because that just appeared to be something a very insecure and pitiful woman would do. If Jack were my boyfriend I wouldn't want him around Lexi or any other female for that matter without a tracking device because he's successful at sex and he gets what he wants, when he wants it, and nothing as trivial as a girlfriend is going to stand in the way of his sexual desires He's a selfish bastard, that's wreckless with those he claims to love.

Chyna is such a breath of fresh air, she's Lexi ubber rich best friend and I loved how supportive she was towards Lexi in all aspects of life, and yet she dosed out tough love when it was needed and I admired that in a quality friend If I could insert myself into this story, I'd like to be Chyna, and I chose Ramsey as my leading man.

It is like cutting off the spoiled part to get to the juicy center. So, I would appreciate it this time, if you did not try and contact me. Because, as I'm sure you know, I deserve better. I want everything this time around, and I deserve it. It's an emotional roller coaster, and at times I had to put my iPad down and walk away because I just couldn't take the pain that Lexi's poor decisions caused her to endure in the name of "love".

At times I was swept away in the sweet and delectable moments shared between these characters while reading, yet in the back of my mind I knew something horrific was going to be lurking around the corner causing my chest to get heavy and break my heart again. One page you'll be cheering and the next you'll be angry, and sad because your feeling devastation right along with Lexi. I recommend this for readers of angsty romance, tumultuous relationships with dysfunctional characters that suck you in deep because you can't put it down, yet you know it's going to be a hot mess to read!

My review can also be found on my blog Miss Vain's Paranormal Fantasy View all 16 comments. BR with Melissa Thanks, Melissa, for suffering through the angst with me!!! This is my second time reading this book.

Love it even more this time around. Avoiding Commitment has to be, by far, the most angst filled story I have read to date. I remember putting down my iPad and screaming several times, the first time I read it, a year ago. I thought going into this one a second time, would be easier!!

Avoiding commitment ka linde tuebl books

No, it still hurts, and even though Jack stomps and tramples all over Lexi's heart, I'm still a Team Jack girl!! It's the fact that I know this guy has a good heart. It's there and there's proof of it throughout the story. Jack loved Lexi from the moment they met. You can see that in the way they connected from the very beginning and from his POV in "Avoiding Decisions. The timing just never seems to be right for them.

Years may go by where they are separated, but they always find their way back to each other. They always end up in each other's arms no natter if they are in relationships with other people, or not.

Finally, there comes a time when they're both free to be with each other, while they're both in NY. But Lexi is fearful and they decide to be together but not define it as a relationship, Jack, of course, inevitably fucks it up royally and they go their separate ways.

Two years later, he's back in her life. He asks her to come to Atlanta to meet his new girlfriend and convince her he's marrying material. Here's where I went ballistic. How could he do it to her? How could she go? Why the fuck didn't Lexi throw Bekah the beat down she deserved???!!!!!

Then there's Ramsey. He's gorgeous, sexy, AND Bekah's brother. Why would anyone in their right mind get involved with someone who is so closely related to their nemesis?!!! This book played with my emotions. It tore me apart and did not put me back together again. I wanted the Jack I love, to come shining through.

At least he owned up to being an ass for asking Lexi to come out to Atlanta to help him. The infamous outdoor sex against the wall scene at Jack's birthday party I couldn't believe Jack could do that to Lexi and just walk away!!!

It blew my mind that he could be so cruel and then I got to his conversation with her in his office. He had it all wrong in his head!! This behavior was brought on by his jealousy over Ramsey!! I'm praying that Kyla Linde will show mercy on all us Team Jack ladies, and have him make an epic comeback and wins Lexi's heart for good!!!! View all 30 comments. They've always wanted to be together but they've always been committed to others. Unfortunately, sometimes they've given into that desire at the detriment of their other relationships.

Lexi hasn't talked to Jack in a while when he calls out the blue and says he needs her. Too bad she can't resist. Well, I do love these emotional books but I think this one even wore me out! The story is written with alternating chapters switching from the past to the present and back. It was good to see the similarities but it was frustrating because you see what a hold Jack has on Lexi and that things really haven't changed.

I was glad that a light bulb turned on for Lexi at the end but I hated how she got there. Lexi was totally captivated by Jack and she fell hard.

By the time she learned some things, it was too late and so she tried to rationalize them but it affected her way of thinking. I have to give her credit that she did take time to try and figure things out but I wish she would've used more of her pre-lawyer skills to help herself. Jack, oh Jack Why are you such a jerk? Even though we get bits of what he is thinking, we don't ever get to know why he treats Lexi the way he does and why he does everything else!!

How can Jack not see through her? I really think she is Leah's from The Opportunist evil twin!! Ramsey, well, I'm not sure about him. He has a secret past which bothers me and not being more forthright with Lexi didn't win him any favors either. I have a bad feeling about the next book as well.

Even when you were our little skater girl. He was, like, fifteen years older than me and a total player. I think I just need to be single for a while. She messed with my bangs and then added one more curl into the end. What do you think? But Heidi had practically digitally remastered my face.

My makeup was flawless, and the shimmer shadow brought out the green in my eyes. My dark hair was braided into a crown atop my head that wove into a low side ponytail with curls. All right. I stepped out of the closet. Heidi whistled. The dress was black with a gold shimmer layer underneath that accentuated my figure when I walked.

Everything came together with cute peep-toes.


Benefit of a winter wedding in Texas was that it would reach the seventies during the day if we were lucky. The weather was pretty erratic. I dramatically rolled my eyes. This is a no-fly zone. That would be so full circle.

Heidi grinned, as if laughing at her own inside joke. I got it. I still have some cheer moves. Then, she spun around in some intricate dance move. You are going to rip your dress in half for the entire party to see.

She shimmied over to me and winked. Heidi handed her phone to Kimber. Then, she threw one hand up in the air and placed the other on her hip while making a pouty face. I pointed my finger at the camera while kissing Heidi on the cheek. When we got a look at it, I just giggled with my girls. It was the most ridiculous and the most us picture in existence. Heidi posted the picture and then grabbed her clutch.

She stuffed her phone and ID inside. I hated carrying a purse anytime, especially when I had to navigate a dress and heels. So, I gave Heidi my phone and ID, who rolled her eyes and added them to her bag. Get drunk and make a mistake or two.

The traffic around the Historic Baker Building, a venue in downtown Lubbock, was outrageous. And that was saying something because the only time traffic got this bad was on Texas Tech game days. I laughed as I hopped out of the SUV. She slammed the door, and we darted through traffic and onto the sidewalk. The Baker Building was a block or two down the street, and already, I was cursing myself for wearing high heels.

They had looked so adorable in the store. Now, they were little torture devices. Who invented these? Men invented these to torture us and make our butts look awesome. Thank God my butt looked this awesome. But, right now, you need them to be able to see. I can see fine. Then, she looped our arms together and strode up to the entrance of the Baker Building.

The place really was packed.

At the entrance, a dozen ushers were escorting people to seats, and people milled about as they waited for their chance. I recognized about ten people in the span of a minute and slowly angled my body so as not to have to engage with anyone.

Eventually, it was our turn, and Heidi and I wrangled one usher for the both of us. He had ice-blue eyes and a real Southern drawl. He was probably in a fraternity at Tech and had gotten coaxed into this with the promise of free booze. How do you know Sutton? When I raised my eyebrows, she shrugged.

Got it. I felt myself panicking. Why were we so close? I did not want to be this near the Wright siblings. I was here for the booze and had been promised a good time. Heidi smiled brightly at him and then took the second seat inside.

Sit your ass down. As the remaining guests took their seats, my eyes traveled the room. It was elaborately decorated with flowers attached to every chair and shimmery curtains draped across the entire front of the room. White lights that twinkled down on the attendees were strung on the second-floor balcony. Softly, a string quartet began playing classical music, and the lights dimmed.

I looked back to the front as the pastor stepped out from a back room with the groom and a long line of groomsmen following in his wake. My eyes scanned the length of the line. He had nine groomsmen. Holy fuck! There were so many of them that they had to stand in two lines. And the last three men in the line were very distinct and downright gorgeous.

Avoiding commitment ka linde tuebl books

The Wright brothers—Jensen, Austin, and finally, Landon. The party had arrived. Four Emery I purposely turned my attention away from the brothers before me. Luckily for me, the bridesmaids started walking down the aisle.

But it was shocking to me, now that she was all grown up, how much she looked like Landon. All of them looked the same—dark hair, pouty lips, athletic figure. Though they had their differences, too. Just not enough noticeable differences. Anyone could see they were related.

I tried to hold my laughter in as Sutton finally reached the front of the room and immediately burst into tears. Her groom took her hands in his and grinned down at her. The pastor raised his hands. I dropped into my seat and waited for this whole thing to be over. We had an entire conversation without saying a word. Maverick Wayne.

Holy fuck. She must be here for his Johnson. I cracked up and had to cover it with a cough when a few people turned to glare at me. Heidi tried to hide her own laughter by reaching for her purse and digging around for her phone. Yada, yada, yada. Champagne cured everything. The music started up again.

The end of their fifteen minutes was up. On to bigger and better things. Like an open bar and a dessert table. Each bridesmaid walked forward in her long, silky red dress, latched on to the arm of one of the groomsmen. With nine people on each side of the bridal party, it was taking forever.

One after the other after the other. The only bridesmaid I recognized was Morgan, who was the maid of honor. She was only two years younger than me and Heidi and had run in the popular crowd, of course.

She was easy to figure out because she looked exactly the same as she had in high school. Unfortunately for her, she was on the arm of some leering frat boy. Then, finally, it was on to the Wright brothers. Jensen moved forward first. He held his arm out for the girl who was blushing as bright as a cherry tomato. She looped her arm in his, and I was trying so hard not to roll my eyes. I had been that girl once.

Back in the day, Landon had made me feel that swoony, over-the-top, oh-myGod feeling from having the attention of a Wright brother. Now, it felt ridiculous. At Jensen Wright. And he was staring right back at me. Why, oh God, did Heidi put me on the end?

And why is he looking at me like that? He was just standing there, staring at me with those dark brown eyes. Except for making a complete fool of himself because, surely, he needed to start walking right now.

Like right fucking now. Synapses must have fired in his brain again because he gradually moved the girl forward. He did a motherfucking double take. What world am I living in? So what? I was an ex-girlfriend. I had every right to stalk his wife to see if she was prettier than me. Heidi shook my shoulder, jarring me back to reality. An older woman sitting in front of us glared at her for the language. I was still trying to figure out what had happened.

Because nothing I could conjure up was making any sense. You so, so did! The two aisles in front of us left first, and then Heidi was pushing me out of the aisle, all while whispering in my ear about how excited she was. He was, like, this hottie college guy, a totally unattainable god.

Like Zeus on Mount Olympus. Or maybe we just wanted to get on his lightning bolt, if you know what I mean. He belonged in a magazine. And he has gone from hot to one damn fine wine. Heidi laughed. You said that.

Are you thinking about that? Because, no. That would never happen. I was sworn off of the Wright brothers. None of that was going to happen.

No fucking way. Jensen had probably just…seen a bug on my shoulder or something. That was all it had been because his interest would be illogical. I was…me. We made it to the reception space a few minutes later. I plucked a fancy crab cake from a passing waiter and headed straight to the bar. I held up two fingers as I took a bite out of the crab cake. Holy fuck, this was delicious. Who the hell was the caterer? I glanced around and found my answer.

West Table. Of course. Only the Wrights would hire catering from the most expensive restaurant in town. I had no shame as I double-fisted the drinks. Heidi laughed and nodded toward the tables. Heidi plucked her name off the distressed clothespin. My lucky number. Heidi and I scanned the names. I shrugged. Julia Banner. So many burned friendships with people who move here and then relocate immediately. God, I had missed her so much. My life had not been the same without her.

I was certain I never would. We spent the next forty-five minutes downing glasses of champagne and eating as many of those little crab cakes as we could get our hands on. By the time the family and bridal party were announced into the room and Sutton and Maverick made their big appearance, Heidi and I were each one drink away from wasted.

It was good that we immediately launched into dinner so that I could pad my drinking belly with carbs to survive the rest of the night. By the time they were finished with the regular bouts of wedding festivities, including—God help us all—a choreographed dance with the bride and her sorority-sister bridesmaids for the groom before launching into a rehearsed first dance, I was ready to hit the bar again.

If I ever had to sit through something like that again without another drink, I was sure I would drop dead. Other people had gotten up to join in on the dancing, and that meant one thing—more champagne. I was going to have a killer headache in the morning, but whatever. It would be worth it.

Heidi meandered us back over to her work crowd, and I stood with my back to the dancing catastrophe going on behind me.

Julia did seem pretty chill. She was almost as tall as Heidi with mahogany-brown hair to her shoulders, and she had on a pretty green dress. Not good. She waved at him, and I wanted to bury my face in my hands and disappear. Sometimes, my best friend was the worst. He leaned forward and pulled her into a hug. I appreciate that. He was engrossed in his conversation with Heidi. With a deep breath, I chanced a glance at him.

He looked…exactly the same. Except not. Same tall body with chiseled features. Same clean-cut look with the dark hair and puppy-dog eyes. But he looked drained and downtrodden. Heidi had hated it. But Landon had looked as sharp as ever. I wondered what had happened. I seemed to have missed part of the conversation while staring at him…or maybe it was due to my buzz. But Landon was now holding his hand out to me. I furrowed my brows and stared at it. Is this happening?

It was nice to see a flustered Wright brother.

I finally turned to face Heidi. She looked like she was about to combust. At least, the way you said my name. Who would have guessed you would come back to Lubbock? He was the one who had left me and made me feel like a pariah in my own hometown. But, instead, I giggled through the champagne buzz. She was taller than me in heels with a bleach-blonde bob and glamorous makeup. She was good-looking in an overdone sort of way.

Your friends are my friends, of course. She turned on her heel and fled in the opposite direction. Landon rolled his eyes and then scowled. My eyes widened with shock.

By K.A. Linde

Five Jensen The hardest part of the night was over, and now, I could finally have another drink. Or maybe it was that woman who had been seated in the third row. Long dark hair, perfect legs spilling out of the slit in her dress, gorgeous mouth that had been begging me to kiss her. I had decided within three seconds that she was the hottest person in the room, and it had taken everything in me not to ditch the bridesmaid on my arm.

It had been a while…a long while…since I had that kind of reaction to anyone in Lubbock. Dating here was impossible, and since I did business all over the country, it was easier to meet people on the road. I sure hoped not. Made it much more difficult to date when everyone knew the precise dollar amount you were worth and the dirty business with my ex.

I kept a stash of good liquor with me and poured myself a double out of a whiskey bottle that Austin had almost handled all on his own. He was out in the center of all those sorority girls, probably deciding which one or two or three he should bring home with him. But my eyes were searching out the brunette.

We shook hands and clapped each other on the back. He was practically family. What did you think of the ceremony? Patrick cracked a grin. Her eyes were glued on our younger sister, who was at the center of the dance party. I followed her gaze and saw Miranda storming across the room with Landon on her tail. Pretty common occurrence honestly. That was what their relationship always fucking looked like.

I still did not understand how that idiot had ended up with her. But, for a while now, Morgan and I had been on Operation Miranda, which consisted of seeing how far we could push Landon into divorcing her. She could be anywhere. I just needed to find her. I raised an eyebrow in question. Girls are not a challenge. Her body was turned, facing the exit. She had an empty glass of champagne in her hand, and fuck, did she look gorgeous.

A tightly fitted dress showed off every single curve on her body. Her hair was tugged off to one side, and I almost licked my lips at the thought of kissing down her throat. I picked up a tray of champagne on the way over to meet the brunette. I was glad that she was standing with two of my employees so I had an easy in for the conversation.

I personally welcomed every employee and made sure they knew their value. No one was going to work at my company and not feel appreciated. I knew how I had gotten to where I was. I never planned to take it for granted. I offered the tray to the group of women standing with the brunette. She took a glass herself. She exchanged her empty glass with one from the tray. A waiter immediately snaked over and removed the tray from my hands.

Okay, different tactic. Who is your friend? She glanced up from her champagne. Her eyes were wide open and as vivid green as I had ever seen. Her mouth opened slightly, and that vision was more intoxicating than my whiskey.Lexi eventually begins to date one of Jack's friends, which leads to more "chance" encounters between Jack and Lexi.

You get a prenup to protect yourself in case something happens. Only the Wrights would hire catering from the most expensive restaurant in town. You had to take care of the kid. Julia did seem pretty chill. He leaned forward and pulled her into a hug.