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SIXTH EDITION. CUSTOMER. SERVICE. Robert W. Lucas. Principal, Robert W. Lucas 1 The Customer Service Profession 4 SKILLS FOR SUCCESS download Customer Service: Skills for Success 6th edition () by Robert W. Lucas for up to 90% off at sppn.info COUPON: Rent Customer Service Skills for Success 6th edition by Lucas eBook ( ) and save up to 80% on online textbooks at sppn.info now!.

One example would be lack of training or lack of empowerment. Finally, the last question asks students what they would do differently. Here, the instructor can make the point that the best employees are those who not only complain but offer solutions as to what can be done differently to make things better.

Work It Out 2. To probe further, instructors can ask students how likely they would be to shop at either store depending on the return policies. To expand the discussion, consider leading a discussion on stores in an area close by that has generous return policies and not-sogenerous ones. What are the advantages from a customer service perspective? Are there disadvantages? Ask students to discuss in groups and determine if bringing the manager into the situation was justified or if the employee should have been more empowered.

Next, ask students to discuss how the manager handled the situation and what could have been done to improve the situation. Chapter 02 - Contributing to the Service Culture have in this area to qualify for a position in customer service. Consider asking students to brainstorm a list of traits in groups and then write on the board or flip charts. Assuming most of the skills are emotional intelligence EQ type skills, such as friendly and approachable, instructors can make the point that while skills training is important, sometimes personality is equally important in getting a job.

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The box asks students to think about their own expectations when patronizing a company. Ask students to brainstorm a list on their own and then share their lists in groups. Which items appear on more than half of the individual lists? As a group, can they agree that these components would be the most important? What are some of the key elements that make up a service culture? The elements of a service culture include the service philosophy or mission, employee roles and expectations, policies and procedures, management support, products and services, motivators and rewards, training, and delivery systems.

Service philosophy of an organization is the direction or vision of the organization that supports the day-to-day interactions with customers.

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It is the approach that an organization takes to providing service and addressing the needs of customers. Chapter 02 - Contributing to the Service Culture stands for. If all employees are aware of what their organization stands for, how it accomplishes its mission, and where it is headed in the future, they can play a crucial role in creating a service culture that strives to identify and meet customer needs, wants, and expectations. Why is each component important? Employee roles and expectations must be clearly defined and communicated in terms of certain characteristics, sometimes referred to as RUMBA which stands for realistic, understandable, measureable, believable and attainable.

To be understandable, it must be communicated and clear to every employee. To be measureable, there has to be some way to determine the accomplishment of goals, usually by the numbers.

To be believable, every employee must commit to the goal and the people must believe it is achievable. Of course, management must also give employees the tools to achieve goals. If the policies prevent or make it difficult to provide customer service, it could create a negative perception. However, if employees are empowered, it can create a favorable impression when employees can do almost anything to make the customer happy.

What questions should you ask yourself about your role as a service provider? Students might consider asking who the customer is, what they can do to achieve organizational excellence, whether their efforts are focused on customer satisfaction, and whether they are empowered. What are some indicators that a company has customer-friendly systems in place? What are some of the tools used by organizations to measure their service culture?

What are some strategies for helping promote a positive customer culture?

What separates average organizations from excellent ones? Spending time with customers, taking customer feedback seriously, rewarding innovation, productive use of technology, and open communication are some examples of how an excellent organization differs from an average one.

What are some typical things that customers want? What instructors can do, however, is ask students to note service in their daily dealings. For example, the student can note if the mission of an organization comes through in the service that is provided. They can also observe and interact with the customer service providers to determine if the proper training and empowerment is taking place within the organization. The organization has been heralded for its high quality service and a friendly atmosphere.

Defining a Service Culture A. Service Philosophy or Mission B. Products and Services D. Motivators and Rewards E. Employee Empowerment G.

Training II. Customer-Friendly Systems A. Tools for Service Measurement IV. Attitude is the emotional responses to people, ideas, and objects. In the past, organizations were continually making changes to their product and service lines to try to attract and hold customers. Chapter 02 - Contributing to the Service Culture o Leadership, real and perceived, is crucial to service success.

Employees in small businesses perform greatly varied tasks. Return policies in a retail environment are a case in point. Chapter 02 - Contributing to the Service Culture o They also take responsibility or ownership for service situations. Empowerment is also an intangible way that successful service organizations reward employees.

An advertisement that appears to be deceptive can cost the organization customers and its reputation.

As a service professional, one should make recommendations for improvement whenever he or she spots a roadblock or system that impedes provision of service excellence. The organization must determine the best way to deliver quality products and service and to provide effective follow-up support to its customers. In a direct contact environment, customers interact directly with people.

The practice of outsourcing jobs to a third party provides multiple benefits while also bringing with it some downsides. Chapter 02 - Contributing to the Service Culture C. Chapter 02 - Contributing to the Service Culture V.

Read chapter two. LO through 2. The service culture of an organization is often defined in its mission statement. Ask students to find mission statements that define the service culture. LO 3. Give examples or have students role play the situations using the feel, felt, found technique in the following situations: LO through a. A customer is angry because the service department is not able to get to his home and fix his problem for another three days, but he wants it done tomorrow.

A customer is disappointed that the price for a particular item has gone up since the last time she bought it.


A customer is acting irritated and mentions the fact that he had to wait five minutes in line since no one opened another cashier lane. A customer has emailed because the clothing item she ordered on the website is much larger than standard sizes. A customer emailed because he keeps getting promotional emails even though he has requested his name be taken off the mailing list. Identify specific types of training that might be needed to provide excellent customer service when performing the following jobs: LO and a.

A call center representative for a cable company b.

A shoe store salesperson c. A plumber d. A teacher e. A department of licensing agent 5. Compare and contrast the differences between a mentor and a boss in a short paper or group discussion. Discuss a situation where you were not allowed, due to policies and procedures, to grant excellent customer service. If this has never happened, think of an example and discuss. LO 2. Nothing at all.

I cannot find those behavioral styles he was writing about anywhere. No Google result, no publication, nothing. The closest things I was able to find were a few random business articles with terms similar but not exactly the same to the book, but certainly nothing credible.

I simply cannot find where Lucas got his information for his Behavioral Styles that he's passing off as fact. If people display attributes of all four anyway, why was it even brought up? What practical use does this information have?

And for that matter, if this author is okay with giving off useless, baseless information, why should I take anything in this book seriously, then? Why couldn't I just use the much, much more credible information available in the academic databases I have access to for the class I'm taking and just forget this useless textbook?

Oh, right, I forgot - I'm a student. Yay education!


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There's a problem loading this menu right now.Oh, right, I forgot - I'm a student. What questions should you ask yourself about your role as a service provider? Answers will vary, but the point is to ask students to think about what personality traits they have that can contribute to a high quality organization. Which items appear on more than half of the individual lists?

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Read chapter two. A customer is angry because the service department is not able to get to his home and fix his problem for another three days, but he wants it done tomorrow. Does the organization do anything that might cause a negative impression in the mind of customers? Along with valuable ideas, guidance, and perspectives, readers will also encounter interviews of real-world service providers, case study scenarios and activities to help you apply concepts learned to real-world situations in order to challenge your thinking on the issues presented.

What instructors can do, however, is ask students to note service in their daily dealings. Product Identifiers.