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folks at DC Comics; to Ray Winninger for getting the ball rolling; and to all the fans for In the DC ADVENTURES RPG, you take on the role of a super hero. The DC ADVENTURES: HEROLS HANDBOOK provides the rules to play games set in the DC Universe. The HEROES & VILLAINS books gives you. The DC Adventures: Hero's Handbook comes with a single-page character sheet, but we know your heroes are bigger and bolder than that.

Dc Adventures Rpg Pdf

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DC ADVENTURES is built on the MUTANTS & MASTERMINDS game system, winner of multiple awards and the lead- ing super-hero RPG for nearly a decade. DC Adventures: Heroes & Villains Vol. their distinctive likenesses, and all related elements are trademarks of DC Comics. sive crowdsourced RPG book. DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! The Largest RPG Shadowrun: Quick-Start Rules (Free RPG Day ) D6 Adventure.

In the case of maneuvers, PCs can plan ahead and accept a penalty to their action to get a different effect. The AGE system reverses the order, letting players look at their dice results before narrating what the exact effects are. Using both AGE-style combat stunts and keeping the existing list of actions and maneuvers is probably the easiest, but then what happens when a PC scores stunt points on their disarm roll? Ignore it? Let them add a stunt? This method will slow combat down a bit, as if gives PCs more choices, but if your table is pretty quick with the rules already it might be the easiest.

If you want to replace certain rules in favor of stunts, you can drop the following actions and maneuvers: Defend, Disarm, Trip, Demoralize, Feint, and Power Attack. You might also want to turn the Grab, Recover, and Smash actions into stunts of their own costing maybe 4, 3, and 2 stunt points, respectively. Once we do that, how do we handle Advantages like Improved Trip?

Do they let you simply use the stunt without spending stunt points?

Or is it more balanced to have them reduce the cost of their related stunt by 1 SP? Is that too weak for an Advantage? Should we just eliminate those Advantages? The roleplaying stunts have a few more rules elements. For Sway the Crowd, we might say the extra influence in limited to anyone with an Awareness lower than your Presence. The list of combat stunts are where things start to get a little more challenging.

Stay Aware seems like an easy fix, giving a PC a free Perception check as a stunt. Lightning Attack lets PCs unbalance the action economy, so my first instinct is to limit it to a single standard action rather than a full action, and increase the cost to 5 SP this also lets us figure out about how many SP a Hero Point is worth, if we later want to let PCs trade a Hero Point to generate SP.

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The Seize Initiative stunt seems good as-is. That finishes out the basic combat stunts, but maybe we want to add stunts for the Grab, Recover, and Smash actions as well, more or less using the rules for the existing actions as-in, but assigning them an SP cost.

Make your own updated list of your stunts and their costs and print out a few spare copies for players so they have quick and easy access during play.

Rules that seem innocuous during the design phase might end up very unbalanced in actual play, and ideas that seemed fun might be confusing or drag things out.

[PDF Download] DC Adventures RPG: Heroes & Villains Volume 2 (Dc Adventures 2) [Download] Online

This might means a little tweaking on character sheets for example, you might break up Power Attack into Improved Mighty Blow and Improved Lethal Blow , but it kept things buzzing along at the table, and even though the Advantage seems minor in its stock description, it let the players have a lot more fun slinging their stunt points around. The combat stunts felt a little less necessary, but were still fun once we got used to them.

So go nuts; pick and choose what you like and makes things more fun for you and your players. Hero Points, which are used as experience points , can be spent during play to influence Action Table Results. Hero Points are also used in the creation of original characters.

As in other points-based games, abilities cost a certain number of Hero Points to download and improve. Because the power level of characters in the DC Universe varies, characters are built using varying amounts of Hero Points depending on the scale of the campaign.

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Features[ edit ] Some of DC Heroes' notable design features include: A unified scale "Attribute Points" or APs measuring weight, distance, time, volume, money, and information. This allows for quickly evaluating the feasibility and impact of many actions, even at non-intuitive scales. An exponential progression of Attributes Points—a score of 4 corresponds to twice the quantity of a score of 3, a score of 5 is twice as good as a score of 4 and thus four times as good as score of 3, etc.

This rapid progression intends to handle both Superman and Jimmy Olsen without using huge numbers but without drowning the differences between characters. Action resolution based on 2d10 re-rolling doubles and two universal tables. A list of broad Advantages, Drawbacks, and Skills that covers most characters. A list of powers describing concrete effects rather than abstract game concepts and with a streamlined depiction of super-speed.

A system of Hero Points spent by characters to enhance their actions. A simple system of Genre to change the texture of the game system depending upon whether players want silly Silver Age stories or gritty Iron Age stories.

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Privacy Policy.For folks to get hotel reimbursements, it was super easy! Wells Award for Best Roleplaying Rules of Advertisement As much as I appreciate the depth, and as much as I love the rules design, DC Adventures has a major flaw. Still, they could work if we wanted to drop the maneuvers as options for our heroes, or turn any remaining maneuvers into new stunt options. A casual DC fan can get by with this book alone. I think this is a huge flaw for any RPG, but to leave that out when so many pages were used to describe Earths zero through 51 seriously , the lack of a full adventure scenario is quite disappointing and a bit ironic given the name of the RPG.