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Download [PDF] Books Zero Hour Department 19 Book 4 [PDF, ePub, Mobi] by Will Hill Online for Free "Click Visit button" to access full FREE ebook. Zero Hour can either be read as a full-length ebook or in 4 serialised ebook-only parts. Department 19 still stands against the darkness. Book 4 in the explosive series from bestselling author, Will Hill. Department 19 has 17 entries in the series. cover image of Department Die Mission Zero Hour. Department 19 (Series). Book 4. Will Hill Author ().

Department 19 Zero Hour Pdf

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Free Download Publications Process on Website Zero Hour Department 19 Book 4 PDF Everyone knows that reading Download Zero Hour Department 19 Book. Download Download Zero Hour (Department 19, Book 4) | PDF books PDF Online Download Here. Read online or Download Zero Hour (Department 19 Series #4) (Full PDF ebook with essay, research.

The problem is that the thin red line that they provide is getting thinner by the day and now that the Big Bad is making itself known, things are getting very scary indeed. It's time for Department 19 to face Zero Hour. Zero Hour is part four of a series and whilst there are elements of the plot and characters which won't make much sens This wildly vivid and intense addition to the Zero Hour series by Will Hill basically re-defines nerve-shredding.

Zero Hour is part four of a series and whilst there are elements of the plot and characters which won't make much sense if you've not read the others, I have to applaud Hill's skill in making this book accessible to new readers. He weaves in detail and backstory so solidly and never once resorts to the great and awkward technique of "So what did you do last Summer? It's a dark weaving of tapestry; of blood sodden story and painful pasts and it all just fits.

What Hill does with his Big Bad in this book is just perfectly awful. He fits. It works. There's very little to say other than this book features one of the darkest characters I've ever read in young adult literature and yet I couldn't not read him. I wanted to. I was bound to those pages and did the terribly cliche thing of sort of forgetting to breathe just a little.

One thing to quickly note is that there are some intensely graphic moments of violence in this book.

They are all really well handled I'm oddly amused by my turn of phrase there , and it's a credit to Hill that they all feel part of this text and not gratuitous nor sensationalist in anyway. The violence in this book is narratorially that's not a word but go with me? As ever my suggestion is if working with children or recommending this to them, read the book and trust your instincts in how you handle this and work with this book.

What I love about books like this is when they remember that despite all the strangeness, the weirdness, the werewolves and the vampires, is that underneath it all, people are people.

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Hill gets that, I think, and his people are joyous. That was a good book. Jan 01, Mary rated it it was amazing. What if Dracula was still a force to be reckoned with in the modern world?

Will Hill explores this concept in his thrilling Department 19 series. Department 19 is a special organization in the United Kingdom, with the express purpose of bringing Dracula down. The clock is ticking, though. They believe there will be a point in time -- and soon -- at which Dracula's powers will be at their strongest. How can any task force bring down a force of evil that has lasted for hundreds of years?

My favor What if Dracula was still a force to be reckoned with in the modern world? My favorite character was the first vampire that was ever turned by Count Dracula -- the First Victim. He was fascinating! Even though I came into this series in book four, I felt as though the novel was complete.

It is what I like to call a door-stopper, very thick but it was still a read that moved along quickly and held my interest. Even though I am not usually a fan of military operations stories, this one, with its unique supernatural twists, held my rapt attention. It will be interesting to see what happens as the series continues.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Dec 23, Nourin rated it liked it. A very short review: All in all, as this book is following the events from the previous three books and drawing it to a close click my blog to read reviews for book 1, 2 and 3 , my opinions about the characters are pretty much the same.

With regards to the plot line, I found it meh I just think it was time to close the chapter on this story, with Jamie and his friends and towards the end it seemed like it was dragging out. There were a lot of deaths, A very short review: There were a lot of action, as usual, in this book but in my opinion, it took time to get there. On the flip side though, once the action was in full swing, it was never ending. Mar 02, Adele Broadbent rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've waited all year to get my hands on a copy for my Department 19 collection and finally I got a long holiday weekend to dive in and devour it.

I was not disappointed, but then I didn't think I would be! Jamie Carpenter and his friends both human and otherwise are back into the action - full on and in your face!

I caught myself saying, 'Oh no, oh no,' as I could see something about to happen. Or a gasp or three as something totally unexpected jumped out of the page at me.

The Rising (Department 19, Book 2)

What they need is a cure to vampirism or a weapon to defeat the most powerful vampire in the world. Meanwhile, Valentin is looking for Dracula and his hostage….

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Once again, an action packed, expertly woven plot with gruesome fight scenes and characters you cheer for. Read it. Love it. I guarantee it!

Apr 21, Elaine rated it it was amazing. This is so much more than a book for children! It grabs your attention from the very start and takes the reader on roller coaster ride, saying to save the world as we know it to the very end of the book. Dracula, vampires, cures for vampiris This is so much more than a book for children! Dracula, vampires, cures for vampirism, disappearing allies, familiar faces reappearing, horror, miracle cures, mystery and mayhem all have a part to play in this hot paced horror story.

This is a story that entertains, engages and enthralls the reader - child, young adult or older!

Very highly recommended! Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too, for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Will Hill did it again. Once more we find Department 19 counting down the hours before they take on Dracula. Jamie and his friends are gearing up for the biggest fight that the Department has seen in years and every passing hour has become crucial.

With the impending battle more secrets begin to surface and past enemies begin to resurface. Loyalties will be tested and swapped as well.

The biggest secret begin kept from Jaime is also explored further, making readers antsy for the truth to be spil Will Hill did it again. The biggest secret begin kept from Jaime is also explored further, making readers antsy for the truth to be spilled out. Alas, Hill has left us on a cliff hanger that will have readers begging for the next book to see what happens next. There is also a surprise in store for both Jaime and readers.

He might have finally received something he was secretly wishing for, but will the end result leave him wanting or fulfilled?

Those questions I hope are explored further in the next book.

Thank You Edelweiss. Jul 06, Bart rated it it was amazing. This review first appeared on my blog Bart's Bookshelf. Well that was exhausting!

I spent most of the book worrying about what was going to happen next. With good reason it turns out, very good reason , because Will Hill has no compunctions about doing the dirty to characters his readers know and love.

As I t This review first appeared on my blog Bart's Bookshelf. What I can say is though, the first Department 19 was brilliant, and Will Hill has raised the bar with each following book. God knows what Darkest Night is going to do to me. Jan 11, James rated it it was amazing.

See a Problem?

Very good read for any teen, adult, tween, or other age group in the world. Every book ranges from pages of full nonstop action and horror as view spoiler [ young Jamie Carpenter fights for his life against vampires! He goes through many challenges when fighting or trying to find the most powerful in the world with the help of friends like Larissa, Kate, and Matt, even with the help with a story creature that everyone knows, Frankenstein.

Personally, I finished the 5 book series with all the pages in about a 5 days - 1 week total, which just shows how fast I fell in love with the story and was heart broken when I finished the final book.

I also wasn't a huge vampire or vampire hunting fan, but this book really makes you have a good time reading even if it isn't your favorite subject.

Jul 05, Obaid Haroon rated it really liked it. Damn good book. No doubt about that. The third was a little slow but now I can see it was laying a bit of groundwork for the plot of 4 and probably 5.

Spoilers One of the more interesting points of the book was how he portrayed the public reacting to the knowledge of vampires and Blacklight. Accurately in my opinion.

You have idiots protesting for vampire rights. Idiots hanging up and trying to protect themselves from vampire by killing other idiots who were trying to summon vampires. The cherry Damn good book. The cherry was the interview. Realistic and hilarious. The hunt for the first victim was interesting especially when Tim son of Albert was there to lead the squad.

Bit obvious he was gonna be there but still. The description of his resort was wonderful and his fighting even more so. The final battle was great. I thought it would go one way seeing as how it's the penultimate book. It's not as if Dracula is gonna die. But how he wrote the whole scene was superb. Great series. Jan 08, Linda Armstrong rated it it was amazing. Oh My Goodness!!!! Hill definitely has a way of having the reader "see" the events in their head.

There were several "Holy " moments which made this book so very hard to put down. Bravo Mr. Hill, this book has been your best yet! If you are a reader who looked at this series and poo-pooed it because it is about vampires, please reconsider because it's so much more than that. It has history behind the "Dracula" Oh My Goodness!!!!

It has history behind the "Dracula" story with the names that are touched upon in modern movies-think "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," and "Van Helsing. The problems they go through as friends is relevant to this time in our world. Mar 11, Sam Kolstad rated it it was amazing. The book started off with Jamie becoming a vampire and other dramatic stuff. I thought it would end with the Departments Humans winning but I was really surprised when I found out that Jamie's dad was still alive and well.

As I went on it turned out to be a really good attention grabber and it almost always kept you curious. Department 19 Zero Hour was a great book, I would recommend this book to people tha Department 19 Zero Hour, written by Will Hill, I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Department 19 Zero Hour was a great book, I would recommend this book to people that like Adventure and Action. I personally can't wait to read the final one Jun 27, Eileen rated it really liked it Shelves: See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on May 31, SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

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Published in: All we could do was watch and wait. And now Zero Hour is upon us, and yes, that bar has gone up again and Hill has sailed ove When I read the first Department 19 book, I stated that it was the best action horror that I had ever read. And now Zero Hour is upon us, and yes, that bar has gone up again and Hill has sailed over it. Before I continue, a word of warning.

This is the fourth book in the series and as such this review will contain spoilers for previous books, so if you haven't read them then please do not read on. Secondly, I'm not sure how much I will be saying in this review anyway - with every new book that comes along in this series it feels more and more wrong to mention plot points in a review.

Seriously - if you want to know what happens then just read the book. As a quick reminder, the end of Battle Lines left us with 46 days till Zero Hour. Things had not gone well for Jamie and his team understatement.

Jamie's friends had also gone through hell, whether physically or emotionally, both in the UK and, for Larissa, over in the US. And then there is the matter of Julian Carpenter - alive and well, and back on British soil, but as a high security prisoner whose identity is known only to one or two people. Zero Hour picks up the story with seven days till Zero Hour, and things are beginning to look very desperate indeed for the members of Department The breakthrough they have been hoping and praying for just hasn't materialised.

Kate and the Intelligence Division have data that predicts nothing but disaster of apocalyptic proportions for the world's non-vampire population.

Larissa is wracked with guilt as she strongly suspects that Julian Carpenter is alive, but she can't find a way of telling Jamie. Jamie himself is still reeling from the events of Battle Lines, and also struggling with the growing realisation that his girlfriend is one of the most powerful vampires in the world, so where does that leave him, a mere mortal human?

Matt Browning has been working night and day, desperately trying to find a cure for vampirism, but so far his efforts have all been in vain.I don't know how Will Hill does it, I really don't.

The final part of this book is fast, furious, bloody, violent, and definitely takes no prisoners. Book Details Author: Something that could stop Dracula for good. Something that could stop Dracula for good. And then there is the climactic final portion. News that takes Matt Browning to America on a desperate search for a miracle, and sends Jamie and Larissa Kinley into the darkest corners of eastern Europe, where something old and impossibly powerful waits for them.

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