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Friday, July 5, 2019

“FedBook” is an innovative and user-friendly app offered by Federal Bank that helps its customers to keep a track of transactions in their Federal Bank Accounts . Open your Zero Balance Selfie account in smart way. "Selfie", is a mobile based Savings Account opening facility through FedBook Selfie. "Proceed with E KYC account"- Open FedBook Selfie E KYC Account using Aadhaar OTP. Download FedBook app for Android. Selfie - Smart Real Time Account Opening and Mobile Passbook. ✓ Virus Free.

Fed Book Selfie

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Two unique features are that, firstly this account can be easily opened via the FedBook app, and secondly, this is a Zero Balance Account. Selfie is a savings. Fedbook Selfie Zero Balance Account is the latest offering from Federal Bank for the new and tech-savvy generation which counts on their mobile phones and. Are you looking for Fedbook selfie APK? Here is your Fedbook selfie APK. It is a Latest version of this Android application Download for free.

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Federal Bank’s new FedBook Selfie app enables people to open accounts via smartphones

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Federal Bank - FedBook Selfie

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FedBook Selfie from Federal Bank

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Want an easy way to save money for the future? After login,message coming with "please wait when the loading is complete" Not working Nov 13, by Mr.

Foodie App is not working with pin login if you close the app and open again. Keep showing the pin screen. Mar 7, by Benson Babu I cant acess to create an accont via this app its showing "unable to connect to bank try again later" It asks me to enter the mpin, and then keeps repeating the same thing. Keeps asking me to enter the mpin.

Does not log in. No need to visit any of our branches to activate the account.

Choose a branch of your choice. Your Account number is generated real time. FedBook Selfie app is now transformed to your digital passbook FedBook. Download FedBook Selfie. What are the charges related to Selfie account?

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