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Sunday, June 23, 2019

It is an immeasurable wonder that God has given us an inspired book containing the truth about himself and his ways and what he wills for our lives. God wrote a book, and in this Book he reveals himself to us in all his glory. This new five-minute video will inspire you to run hard after him in. "God wrote a book." There is something very powerful in that simple statement. The book, of course, is the Bible, and because God is its author, it's the most.

God Wrote A Book

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PDF ISBN: Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. MacDonald, James. God wrote a book / James MacDonald,. P. CIM. GOD WROTE A BOOK. To most people in our world today the Bible is an ancient book with little practical relevance for life in the twenty- first century. In this powerful new video from Desiring God, John Piper helps to fill us with awe and longing for God's Word. Video Transcript: God wrote a book. That reality.

I had run through several devotionals and each of them had the same pattern.


And those were the good ones! That was enough for me. I chucked the devotionals aside and picked up a one-year Daily Message Bible. The important thing was committing to a plan. Making the commitment to read the Bible through in a year is not something most people do.

Should it be? Of course. Pick it up, Size it up, Eat it up. But people say it's not interesting, or they don't understand it.

They jump into a difficult portion, like Revelation, or start at the beginning with good intentions but so many pages ahead, then give up. Pastor James's advice is to start with the Gospel of John. A small portion at a time.

No speed-reading folks. I happened to do it with the one-year challenge. A little Old Testament, and a little New Testament each day there are all sorts of 1-yr reading plans out there. Finally, I think it's obvious that the message of this book is the Bible, but as the last chapter reminds us, the message of the Bible is Jesus.

View all 9 comments. Oct 29, Uni-CatRora13 rated it it was amazing. I read only the kids version though but it was weeks ago. Feb 15, Tommy Grooms rated it liked it. God Wrote a Book is a slim volume that purposes to answer doubts about the authority of the Bible.

The style is informal to the point of being a bit wearing exclamations such as "Whoa! The first half clears up much in terms of common, erroneous objections to the reliability of the Biblical record, though there's not much in here for the person who is really struggling to accept the doctrine of inerrancy.

The second half reads dangerously like a sales pitch of t God Wrote a Book is a slim volume that purposes to answer doubts about the authority of the Bible. The second half reads dangerously like a sales pitch of the practical benefits of reading the Bible MacDonald himself admits at one point "I feel like we're in one of those infomercials right now" , though the final chapter brings it back to Jesus "it might surprise you to learn that the Bible is not an end in itself" before offering a Sinner's Prayer.

A simple discussing on why the Bible is worth your consideration. Even if you have no interest in Christianity, James MacDonald makes a compelling case why the Bible is worth taking the time to read and consider.

If you are interested in Christianity, he explains how to use the Bible to start on your faith journey. If you are a professed Christian, he how to grow and share your faith.

The book is concise but informative. Jul 24, Christophe Landa rated it really liked it.

Short, sweet, and in typical James MacDonald style clear. Jan 01, Bret Walker rated it it was amazing. Fair and practical proof that the Bible is no ordinary book written by people, but that it is the inspired, inerrant, plenary word of God. Jul 30, Aaron rated it it was amazing.

Great book! Have read it three times weather you are new to the word or have studied for years it is a great book and is full of information.

May 30, Carey Louise rated it really liked it Shelves: For a new Christian, or someone who is just wondering about about how the Bible was constructed, this is a great book. It's easy to read and gives clear information.

For someone who has a basic understanding of how the Bible was written and gathered together into one book, it's too basic. I would recommend this book to others as a foundational book. Personally, I have read other things by James MacDonald and was hoping for a little more detail.

It was a good review of what I already knew about t For a new Christian, or someone who is just wondering about about how the Bible was constructed, this is a great book. It was a good review of what I already knew about the Bible, with a detail here and there that I hadn't heard, but it didn't challenge me in the way I was hoping it would, based on my previous reading.

May 04, Dana rated it really liked it Shelves: I received this book several years ago as a free gift when I downloadd something else from Walk in the Word. It is a short book which is written in a friendly style. It defends the fact that God did indeed write a book, and that book is the Bible.

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For me, the greatest thing I took away was the following: Since God wrote a book, shouldn't we be reading it? Aug 15, David Kemp rated it really liked it Shelves: It also provides excellent advice on how to read and study two different things the Bible. I recommend it highly. Feb 23, Rodrigo Hinojosa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Very good book about the solidity of the evidence concerning the Bible as a supernatural, trustworthy book.

Anyone who wants either to find evidence of the Bible's authenticity or simply wants to know how to give some answers about the value and credibility of the Book that God wrote should read this book. I believe this.

God Wrote a Book

I have spent my life dedicated to the message of this one God given book. The God who is eternal, who created the universe by speaking it into existence, who has revealed Himself to us in the Bible as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, this God who so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son so that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life, this God wrote a book.

That is an astounding claim! It is staggering to think that we hold in our hands a message from eternity that calls us to come, calls us to see ourselves as created in the likeness of the creator of the universe, calls us to recognize our fallen condition in sin and rebellion, poverty of spirit, separated from our Maker, our Master, our Father. This book says we are not accidents that occurred out of chaos over eons.

This book says that we have God given dignity and God given responsibility. This book says that we are not masters of our own destinies, but this book tells us that we ARE choosers of one of two ultimate pre-established conditions. God wrote a book!

God Wrote a Book

It invites us to come to Him, look to Him, listen to Him, learn from Him, link our lives to His life and let Him restore us to His image and likeness to share everlasting life together, reigning and ruling together with Him forever, and ever, and ever.So, will I read my Bible tomorrow?

By the way, God wrote a book. Then again, if that seems too little, you can up the ante a bit and read it in the Greek text. A portion of any downloads made on the Christianbook.

Jul 24, Christophe Landa rated it really liked it.