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J2EE Tutorial J2EE, J2SE, JavaMail, Java Naming and Directory Interface, EJB , and JSP are trademarks or 2. Download the PDF version of this book from. The Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. (J2EE). • J2EE Environment. • APM and key APM questions. • Application Scenarios and the. Sample Application. Contains largest collection of Java J2EE Tutorial and Interview sppn.infos references and PDF tutorials are available on topics like JSF, Android, Struts.

J2ee Tutorial Pdf

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Portability. Diverse. Environments. Time-to-market. Core Competence. Assembly. Integration. Key. Technologies. J2SE™. J2EE™. JMS. Servlet. JSP. Connector. This software and related documentation are provided under a license agreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure and are. THE J2EE™ Tutorial in NetBeans™ IDE is a guide to developing enter- prise applications . Open the PDF version of this book. 3. Click the.

How to create registration form using Servlet and Oracle database? How can we upload and download the file from the server? What is a web application?

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A web application is an application accessible from the web. For each request, it starts a new process. For each request, it starts a process, and the web server is limited to start processes.

It uses platform dependent language e. The web container creates threads for handling the multiple requests to the Servlet. Threads have many benefits over the Processes such as they share a common memory area, lightweight, cost of communication between the threads are low.

The advantages of Servlet are as follows: Better performance: because it creates a thread for each request, not process.

Portability: because it uses Java language. Helper components typically delegate to the Business Services via a Business Delegate, while a View may be composed of multiple subcomponents to create its template.

Composite View suggests composing a View from numerous atomic pieces. Multiple smaller views, both static and dynamic,are pieced together to create a single template.

Business Delegate reduces coupling between tiers and provides an entry point for accessing the services that are provided by another tier. The Delegate may also provide results caching for common requests to improve performance. The Service to Worker and Dispatcher View patterns represent a common combination of other patterns from the catalog.

The two patterns share a common structure, consisting of a controller working with a Dispatcher, Views,and Helpers.

The Service to Worker and the Dispatcher View patterns are identical with respect to the components involved, but differ in the division of labor among those components.

Unlike the Service to Worker pattern, the Dispatcher View pattern suggests deferring content retrieval and error handling to the time of View Processing. Also,the Dispatcher View pattern suggests the Dispatcher plays a more limited role in View Management, as the choice of View is typically already included in the request. The Value Object pattern provides the best techniques and strategies to exchange data across tiers that is, across system boundaries. This pattern attempts to reduce the network overhead by minimizing the number of network calls to get data from the business tier.

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The Value Object Assembler constructs a composite value object from various sources. This pattern is most useful when the client needs to obtain data for the application model or part of the model. The Value List Handler uses the GoF iterator pattern to provide query execution and processing services. The Servlet Interface must be implemented by all servlets.

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Your email address will not be published. Hashtable is a collection Synchronozed object. It is stating that it allows null values is incorrect, Hash table neither excepts null keys nor null values. These are not precisely J2EE Qns. Perhaps you can consider renaming the title or add more JEE Qns. Latest Articles You are here: Compiled and shows output: XmlBeanFactory is one of the implementation of bean Factory org.

XmlBeanFactory is used to creat bean instance defined in our xml file. J2EE Quiz. Please wait while the activity loads. If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser. Also, this page requires javascript. Please visit using a browser with javascript enabled.

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Question 3. Which method is used to store an object into the database in Hibernate? Question 4. Which method is used to updating the object using identifier in Hibernate? Question 5.

Question 6. Question 7. Which is NOT a core interface in Hibernate? Question 8. What is the file extension used for hibernate mapping file? Question 9. What is the file name of hibernate configuration file? Question How to add hibernate mapping file in hibernate configuration file?

Which collection type is NOT used in Hibernate? What contains html, javascript and other files, necessary for development of web applications? Action servlet, request processor and action classes are the components of.The Service to Worker and the Dispatcher View patterns are identical with respect to the components involved, but differ in the division of labor among those components.

Security ensures that users are the ones they claim to be and can only access those parts of the application that they are allowed to access. It also helps to identify which information should be extracted from the source code and later used in the reconstruction process.

HttpServletResponse, javax.

Java Servlet and Java Server Pages technology components are web components. So I need some other way to create a pdf as same as jsp display.