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KET for Schools Direct prepares students for the Cambridge ESOL KET for Schools examination. The Teacher's Book with Class Audio CD provides lesson . Richmond Publishing, 98 pages. KET for Schools Direct prepares students for the Cambridge ESOL KET for Schools exam. Essential exam practice, tips. This short course includes hours of essential exam practice, tips and strategies to prepare students for the Cambridge ESOL KET for.

Ket For Schools Direct Teachers Book

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15 Results Browse, shop and download Key for Schools teaching and learning A2 Key for Schools Trainer 1 for the Revised Exam from 2nd Edition. Results A2 Key for Schools Trainer 1 for the Revised Exam from 2nd Edition. ISBN: English Type: British English. CEF Level: A2. Key for Schools Result is a complete preparation course for the Cambridge English: Cambridge Key English Test for Schools Direct Teacher's book with Class.

What countries do you think of?

Pandas come from China. You find spiders all over the world. Where do these people live?

KET for Schools Direct Student's Pack (Student's Book with CD-ROM and Workbook without answers)

What do you think they eat? What dangers are there? What do these people know a lot about? Mark the statements T True or F False.

Correct the false information. Look at the photos again and answer the questions. Valuing our world 3 4 5 6 The bush people get their water from the river. When the San people are ill, they get medicine from a hospital. The bush people teach children important things about living in the Kalahari. The north of the Kalahari is wetter than the south.

There are more animals and plants in northern Kalahari. A holiday in the Kalahari is never dangerous.

They love driving around the bushland in open jeeps. They love watching the wild animals.

Their guides are often San bushmen and the tourists love listening to their stories about the wonders of the Kalahari. They have comfortable beds and showers, but there is no electricity in the huts.

KET for Schools Direct Student's Book with CD-ROM

When they go out of their hut, they have to be very careful. Introduction to the KET exam. Comprehensive exam advice for students. Visual material for the speaking paper. Transcripts for the listening paper.

Model answers with examiner comments for the writing paper. Full answer keys for all five tests. Sample exam answer sheets and mark schemes.

The authors are closely involved with the KET exam as item writers and examiners. This is the only set of tests to replicate the actual exam in both level and appearance.

The Student's Book provides hours of core material in twelve topic-based units that provide essential exam practice and training, plus focused practice of the key language used in the exam.

Cambridge Objective KET Pack - The course combines solid language development with systematic and thorough exam preparation and practice. The short units give a sense of progress and cover a wide variety of motivating topics relevant to the exam. Regular revision and recycling of language is provided by the revision units. Q: Do you award high school credit for KET courses? A: No, KET is not a credit-granting institution.

Credit is determined and awarded by schools. Q: Are any of the KET courses offered for dual credit? A: Yes.

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Q: I am homeschooling my children. Can I still use your program? If you are homeschooling your children, you may use the KET program for course content and teacher support. Although our program does include grade reports and a means to figure a final percentage grade, KET does not award the credit for the courses.

Q: What technology is needed for KET classes? A: Internet access Broadband strongly recommended Webcam and headset Adobe Flash Player for student device Course instructors will direct students to live session meeting rooms e.

A download may be required for live session access. Courses are compatible on all devices and operating systems. Q: How do students get the textbooks or do they need a textbook?

Cambridge Exams for Children (YLE)

A: Some courses require textbooks. Textbooks are ordered directly from the publishers or alternate web or used book sources. The list of required and optional textbooks for each course is found on the individual course page. Q: How many lessons are needed to complete the courses? A: The number of lessons needed to complete a course for credit varies by course.Children learn from the older people in the group.

However, schools and students need to keep in mind that a block schedule is often quite challenging, particularly in the upper level courses. Launched in , Cambridge English: Key is designed to be the first step for students wishing to progress towards higher level English language qualifications, and aims to support learners to master the basics in English. Essential exam practice, tips and strategies are combined with fun, communicative activities, ensuring lessons are varied and engaging - and that students are ready for their exam.

Correct the false information. Men and women, young and old travel great distances to attend colleges and universities.