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Home - You can download myanmar journals. We update all journal download link from myanmar. Such as Sports, News, Technology, Arts, Jobs, Politics. Latest Update - You can download myanmar journals. We update all journal download link from myanmar. Such as Sports, News, Technology, Arts, Jobs. Myanmar Times Journal. Posted Date: 10/Apr/ Type: Daily News. Total Pages: View Count: Issue Date: 10/Apr/ All Myanmar Times Journal.

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List of Journals - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Get your digital subscription/issue of Myanmar Internet Journal Magazine on Magzter and enjoy reading the magazine on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and the. Journal of the Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science Vol. XI, No. 6 Contents Section (i) Geology Sr. No. Title Page 1 Tun Naing Zaw, Ohnmar and Zin Mar Myint.

Compatible with the molecular studies, the early age of Lijinganthus, together with recently found earlier-than-recorded fossils of Poaceae 39 and Solanaceae 40 as well as various contemporaneous Core Eudicots 19 , 25 , 26 , 27 , 28 points to a cryptic and unexpectedly longer history of angiosperms and Eudicots. It is noteworthy that this conclusion is compatible with previously documented pre-Cretaceous traces of angiosperms 41 , 42 , 43 , 44 , 45 , 46 , 47 , Conclusions Lijinganthus revoluta gen.

Increasing number of reports of early fossil flowers seem to converge earlier origins of various lineages that have been predicted by molecular clocks.

Paleontological studies indicate that the specimen belongs to the earliest Cenomanian-latest Albian, Early Cretaceous Two parallel planes were made on the amber sample before observations. All figures were organized for publication using Photoshop 7.

References 1. Grimaldi, D.

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Fossiliferous Cretaceous amber from Myanmar Burma : Its rediscovery, biotic diversity, and paleontological significance. American Museum Novitates , 1—77 Google Scholar 2. Poinar, G.

Palaeoanthella huangii gen. Sida 21, — Google Scholar 3. Cai, C. A new genus and species of polypore fungus beetle in Upper Cretaceous Burmese amber Coleoptera, Tetratomidae, Eustrophinae. Cretaceous Research 60, — Google Scholar 4.

A new genus of whip-scorpions in Upper Cretaceous Burmese amber: Earliest fossil record of the extant subfamily Thelyphoninae Arachnida: Thelyphonida: Thelyphonidae. Cretaceous Research 69, — Google Scholar 5.

Volume 19, Issue 2 () The Journal of ERW and Mine Action

Cretaceous Research 64, 45—49 b. Google Scholar 6.

Aung K. Learning Myanmar internet market and planning for CSOs urge amendment of guest registration law.

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Aung, L. Jakarta Demands Clarification on Embassy Bugging. Burma 'approves new constitution. Asian Survey, 56 2 , pp. Callahan, M. Singapore: Singapore University Press. The Generals Loosen Their Grip.

Myanmar: Surveillance and the Turn from Authoritarianism?

Journal of Democracy, 23 4 , pp. Cohen, J. Studying Law Studying Surveillance. Committee to Protect Journalists Available at www.

Original: Singer J. Version 5,0.

Beverly Hills: Sage, Croissant, A. Why Do Military Regimes Institutionalize?

Asian Journal of Political Science 21 2 , pp. NLD could draft new constitution. Myanmar Times, 22 April , available at www. Farrelly, N. Fortin-Rittberger J.

Exploring the relationship between infrastructural and coercive state capacity. Democratization, 21 7 , pp. Freedom House Freeman, J. Grundy-Warr, C.

Critical Geopolitics , pp.Myanmar is now facing the same ethnic problem that it has faced in the early s. Quartzofeldsphatic and quartz veins are found intruding into the older granitoid rocks. The character combination of the fossil does not allow us to assign it to any known fossil or extant genus of angiosperms, thereby justifying a new genus.

Diorite, microgranite and calc-phyllite rock units found in the moderate slope failure and leucogranite rock unit is minor slope failure. The base metals-gold Kantaung to epithermal gold-silver deposite Doe Nwe. The transfer of power to the newly elected government in the early is part of the democratization process in Myanmar Win, , p, Cretaceous Research 63, 7—19 a. A series of regional strike and cross faults are also encountered.