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Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide, 11g Release 2 (). E . Oracle Database 11g Release 2 () New Features in Oracle Database . 10g and 11g DB Time Tuning – Tuning using fundamental notion of time spent in database .. p.m. Demystifying SQL Tuning: Tips and Techniques for. Oracle Database 11g R2 Performance Tuning Cookbook · Read more Oracle Database 10g Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques · Read more.

Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning Tips And Techniques Pdf

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DOWNLOAD PDF .. Oracle Database 10g Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques 2 Basic Index Principles (Beginner Developer and Beginner DBA). make an entrance by Oracle 11g (almost definitely by Oracle12g of the database). Caching a table into memory. □ Using the new 11g Result Cache. Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques chps. Oracle performance tuning: a systematic approach. A mission critical Pioneers of systematic Oracle performance tuning such as Cary Millsap promoted this technique vigorously. . (sppn.info). . http://www. sppn.info

Nested loops join Nested loop involves an index on at least one of the table. In this case a full table scan is done on one table. For every row found a lookup is performed on the second table usually the one which is indexed In a hash join, a hash table is constructed for the larger table.

The smaller table is then scanned and the hash table is then used to find matching rows in the larger table Using Join Techniques Use nested loops when only a small subset of the rows needs to be accessed and an index is available to support it. Use sort and hash merge if joining most or all rows of the tables. When determining the best join order try to start with the table which will return the smallest number of rows, providing that the subsequent tables can be joined efficiently.

The optimizer sometimes automatically translates IN-based subqueries into a join. However Oracle has some special optimization for it. Avoid over indexing, specially for columns which are frequently updated. Use array inserts. Avoid arithmetic calculations in SQL. Perform this work in the program code. Optimizing DML 2 of 4 Retrieve only the columns necessary. Specify the fields in an insert statement, even if all fields are inserted. Always try to use joins instead of sub-queries within queries.

This is a valuable reference for anyone who works on Oracle Performance Tuning. With a master like Rich on your bookshelf, you can aim high with confidence. Rich has done an Ace job with it.

It is well written, easy to read, and full of practical tips. Novices and experienced DBAs as well as developers will find this book invaluable. Even veteran DBAs will find this book difficult to put down.

Through hard work and determination he overcame obstacles and serves as a role model for all students in TRiO Pre-College Programs.

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His knowledge and passion go beyond computers; he seeks to inspire others to have the courage to make their dreams come true, too! And then there was Rich. Years later, Rich is still a beacon whose insights light the path to my own discovery. The proven techniques Rich explains in this book will help you create the most efficient applications possible. Every developer who works with the Oracle database should own and read this book. This book will be like a dictionary for DBAs facing critical problems.

I have followed thoroughly all his books on tuning from 8i and found them the ultimate for Oracle Performance Tuning going into the minutest details. His unique techniques and methods have not only positively influenced me but also many other Oracle professionals.

This book is the ultimate for Oracle 10gR2 Tuning! The examples connect the dots and bridge the gap of theoretical academics to the real world. Robinson, Jr. He consistently contributes his time, knowledge, and professional experience with the Oracle user community by introducing new features or helping others in need of support.

Niemiec are a unique experience within tuning issues. He not only masters the theory and tools but is also able to perform insightful analyses of real-world problems and present the results in a way that makes sense even to people not so experienced with database technologies. This is important since business people are getting more and more interested in IT performance in general—as they really should.

Rich exposes the complexities of tuning to satisfy the passionate beginner and the seasoned professional. Packed with real-world examples, interesting dialogue, and deep technical content—this is the best tuning book on the market.

The meeting between Richard and myself in Chicago nine years later convinced me that he is in the forefront of this technology—a leader. The book shows the fact that he is always on the leading edge of this technology.

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In your eyes, I see the love of God shine into the world and into my life. He has blessed me greatly. Installation Improvements. Automatic Storage Management. Server-Generated Alerts. SQL Tuning Advisor. Flash Recovery Area. Recycle Bin. Recovery Manager Changes. Transparent Data Encryption 10gR2. LogMiner Changes. Tracing Enhancements. Default Permanent Tablespace. Temporary Tablespace Groups. Rename Tablespaces. Bigfile Tablespaces.

Shrinking Segments. Data Pump. Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces. Write to External Table. Automatic Undo Retention Tuning. OEM Changes. Grid Control. New Background Processes in 10g.

Version Comparison Table. New Features Review. Disk Arrays: Not a Choice Anymore. Setup and Maintenance of the Traditional File System. What Is the Cost? Locally Managed Tablespaces. Creating Tablespaces as Locally Managed.

Oracle Bigfile Tablespaces. Oracle Managed Files. ASM Introduction. Communication Across IT Roles. ASM Instances. ASM init. ASM Installation. ASM and Privileges. ASM Disks.

Download Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques (Oracle Press)

ASM and Multipathing. ASM DiskGroups. Cluster Synchronization Services. Database Instances and ASM. Bigfile and ASM. Database Init.

ASM Rebalance and Redistribution. Avoiding Disk Contention by Using Partitions. Getting More Information about Partitions.

Other Types of Partitions. Other Partitioning Options. Index Partitioning. Exporting Partitions. Eliminating Fragmentation. Using the Correct Extent Size. Exporting and Then Re-Importing the Table.

Rebuilding the Database. Flash Recovery. Using Rollback Segments.

Avoiding Contention among Rollback Segments. Monitoring Rollback Segment Waits and Contention. Increasing Rollback Segments. Monitoring Undo Space. Killing Problem Sessions. Reasons for Using Raw Devices.

Issues to Consider in the Planning Stages. Tips Review. Identifying Crucial Initialization Parameters. Changing the Initialization Parameters Without a Restart. Viewing the Initialization Parameters with Enterprise Manager.

Using Oracle Multiple Buffer Pools. Understanding the Cost-Based Optimizer. Creating Enough Dispatchers. Finding Undocumented Initialization Parameters. Understanding the Typical Server. Modeling a Typical Server.

Sizing the Oracle Applications Database. Starting with All Targets and Other Groupings. Policies Violations Tab. Monitoring the Database. Database Administration Tab. Database Administration Tab: Tablespaces. Database Administration Tab: Instance Level. Database Maintenance Tab. Database Topology Tab.

Database Performance Tab. Monitoring the Hosts. Monitoring the Application Servers. Monitoring the Web Applications. Deployments Tab Patching Options. Jobs Tab. Reports Tab. Automatic Storage Management Performance. Another Example Using the Tree Approach. Helpful Oracle-Supplied Packages. Using Stored Outlines. Using Plan Stability Stored Outlines. Top Hints Used. Use Hints Sparingly. Fix the Design First. Available Hints and Groupings. Execution Path. Access Methods.

Query Transformation Hints. Join Operations. Parallel Execution. Other Hints. Specifying a Hint. Specifying Multiple Hints. The Hints. Some Miscellaneous Hints and Notes. Notes on Hints and Stored Outlines. Hints at a Glance. What Queries Do I Tune? When Should an Index Be Used? Creating an Index. Check the Index on a Table. The Fast Full Scan. Caching a Table in Memory. The Index Merge.

Indexes That Get Suppressed. Function-Based Indexes.Parallel Query Test Examples. Overview Adaptive cursor sharing: How can I retrieve these rows? Use dynamic sampling — If no histograms: Bhanu Pratap Rathore. You are the beneficiary of my ignorance. Avoid arithmetic calculations in SQL.

You'll learn some quick solutions too, but emphasis is on designing for performance and getting it ri Manufactured in the United States of America.