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KhpalSwat Books Library | This page brings you hundreds of ebooks, pdf, slides, articles almost on any topic and any subject. Da Khushhal Ruba'iyat (Pashto). Apr 12 Wekhe Shpai Pashto Poetry Ebook. Dec 19 Hadees e Khoon - Ustad Abdur Rahman Pazhwak (Farsi + Pashto). Azghi Ao Guloona Pashto Poetry by Dr. Naeem Ahmad Roghani Pdf Free Download Azghi Ao Guloona Pashto Poetry book authored by Dr. Naeem Ahmad .

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PDF | Swat has its own literary, cultural, historical and geographical significance and importance. That is why it has remained a centre of. Title of this book is "Ibtedai Tebbi Imdad ke Usool aur Disaster Management" Written by Dr. Rizwan Naseer. This book is about the the Rules of First Aid and. Download free pdf books,Top Islamic Books, Urdu novels, Romantic novels,Urdu fiction books, History books, History novels, Horror novels, Urdu poetry.

English ISBN: Riyasat-e-Swat to By Dr.

Shabir Khan Durrani Genre: Pashto Poetry Published Year: Pashto ISBN: September Language: April Language: Occupy Occupied Media Pamphlet Series. Older Posts Home.

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The subject of most of the poems covered discrimination against women in society and inside the families. The poetry gathering was especially important because it was occurring despite the difficulties surrounding the conditions that most Pashto female poets, especially in rural areas, face. Rahila Moska was a young lyricist, from Helmand province, who committed suicide on 8 April She did so after her family caught her while she was reading her poem over the phone at one of the earlier Mirman Baheer poetry gatherings.

The family had beaten her up very severely and had warned her to not write poems anymore. Many of the female poets expressed how they are even not allowed to leave their houses.

Gulalai Omarkhel explained that not allowing women to go out of the house was a major problem.

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It is the restrictions on women that resulted in them writing Landai, a form of poetry where the author is not known.

It is a way of expressing their emotions in poems, while hiding their names.

When reading the poems, it is this angle of the poems that should be raised and taken seriously.Afganskaia rukopisnaia kniga Handwritten Afghan book. Need an account? Skip to main content.

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