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GST India-Goods and Services Tax in India GST E book in Hindi जी.एस.टी. sppn.info Courtesy CA CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF FILE. जी.एस. Download GST Book, Study Material, Notes in Hindi & English in pdf format for B. com, CA, CMA, CS students, Tax Consultants & Accountants. download GST Hand Book at site online. Sale. Professional's Guide to GST. Download Indian History Pdf For UPSC, SSC Exams | History Pdf In Hindi Hello Guys, Sales Tax by State: Should You Charge Sales Tax on Digital Products?.

Sales Tax Book Pdf In Hindi

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Results 1 - 16 of 27 माल और सेवा कर Goods and Services Tax (G.S.T.) Hindi - Sahitya Bhawan Publications. by Dr. H.C. Mehrotra and Prof. therein; (12) Taxes on the sale or download of goods other than newspapers where such sale or download takes place in the course of inter-state trade or. Learn all about GST with Cleartax Free GST ebook. This online GST book explains the basics of GST, comparison with current tax system.

Benefit or perquisite obtained by a representative assessee: The value of any benefit or perquisite, whether convertible into money or not, obtained by any representative assessee or beneficiary. Further, any sum paid by the representative assessee in respect of any obligation which, but for such payment, would have been payable by the beneficiary is also an income.

It is operative from the assessment year and subsequent years. Compensation receipts: any compensation due to or received by any person, by whatever name called, who is managing the affairs of any company in India, for the termination of his managing agency or for the modification of the terms and conditions relating thereto.

Income of trade or professional association from specific services to members: Income derived by a trade, professional or similar association from specific services performed for its members. Cash assistance received or receivable by any person against exports under any scheme of the government of India.

Any duty or exercise drawback or custom or excise repaid or repayable as a drawback to any person against exports under the custom and central excise duties drawback rules.

The value of any benefit or perquisite from business or profession, whether convertible into money or not, arising from business or the exercise of a profession. Any remuneration chargeable under Sec.

Any recovery in respect of loss or expenditure which was allowed to be deducted in any year xvii. Excess of sale proceeds of a scientific research asset over its amortized value to the extent of deduction allowed.

Any recovery in respect of a debt which was allowed as a bad debt 11 xix. Any profits and gains chargeable under section 45 xx.

The profits and gains of any business of insurance carried on by a mutual insurance company or by a cooperative society. Incomes fully exempt from income tax do not form part of the total income at all.

Incomes partly exempt from tax are to be included in the total income only to the extent to which they are in excess of the quantum of exemption available. Incomes for which deductions have been specified by the act are also liable to be included in the gross total income, but a deduction is allowed to the extent of the quantum specified. Similarly, incomes which are entitled to rebate or relief from tax are basically included in the total income only for the purpose of determining the gross tax liability and a rebate from the gross tax liability is then allowed in the manner specified.

Rebate able incomes are therefore included in the total income only for determining the slab rate of tax applicable to the assessee. However, it is included in the total income only for the purpose of determining the slab rate of tax applicable to the assessee. Leave travel concession or assistance to employees 2. Allowances or perquisites to government employees serving abroad 3.

Death cum retirement gratuity 4. Commuted value of pension 5. Encashment of earned leave by retiring employees 6.

Retrenchment compensation to workmen 7. Compensation received by an employee on his voluntary retirement or termination of his service 8. Tax paid by an employer on the value of non monetary perquisite provided by him under section 17 2 9.

House rent allowance Payment from approved superannuation fund The sum should be received wither out of the income of the HUF, or out of the income of impartible estate, owned by the HUF. Share of profits from partnership firm: Where any person is a partner in a firm, his share of profit in the total income of the firm is exempt from tax. The share of profit of a partners in the total of the firm is to be computed by dividing the total income of the firm in profit sharing ratio specified in the partnership deed.

No partner will pay tax on the share of his income from a firm. Share of income from the firm is exempt in the hands of partner. Share of loss from the firm cannot be set off by partners against their personal income.

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The share of loss from a source, the income of which is exempt from tax, cannot be set off against any taxable income from any other source. Interest or premium accruing to non-residents: In the case of a non-resident the following incomes are exempt: Any income from interest on securities and bonds notified by the central government prior to 1st June is exempt.

Any income from premium on the redemption of such bonds as aforesaid is also exempt. Any interest on moneys standing under non-resident external account in any bank in India is exempt, such account can be maintained only by individuals, resident outside India of the foreign exchange regulation act, Interest from notified savings certificates to a non-resident Indian citizen or non-resident POI [sec.

Therefore, a non-resident individual who is neither an Indian citizen nor a person of Indian origin cannot avail this exemption.

What is the Meaning of Indirect Taxes?

Exemption to foreign citizens [sec. Remuneration of diplomatic personnel of foreign countries [sec. Remuneration of trade commissioner or official representative of a foreign government is exempt only on reciprocal basis, ie, only if the corresponding official of Indian government posted in that country enjoys a similar exemption.

Remuneration of an employee of a foreign enterprise [sec. What this means is that the intermediary will pay excise duties irrespective of whether they could sell the good or service to consumers.

Indirect taxes fall under both the central and state governments according to specific type of indirect tax. Indirect tax is a type of tax collected by the government from an intermediary such as manufacturer or retailer.

The eventual burden of the tax falls on to consumers who download goods and services from the intermediary. Sales can be broadly classified in three categories. State Government can impose sales tax only on sale within the State.

Free GST PDF Ebook – Download GST Explained PDF

This tax is passed on to us by service provider. Value Added Tax: Value-added taxation in India was introduced as an indirect value added tax VAT into the Indian taxation system from 1 April VAT is levied on both the producer and consumer while a sales tax is levied on only the end consumer.

VAT is applied at the various stages of production while sales tax is applied on the total value of the download. Maharashtra was the first state to implement VAT in India.

VAT is decided by State government It can be range from one to 25 per cent. Custom duty: Custom Duty is a type of indirect tax charged on goods imported into India.

Value-added tax

Excise Duty: An excise or excise duty is a type of tax charged on goods produced within the country.During the calendar year he does not visit India at all but comes to India on January For Government employees the value of rent free house is license fee fixed by it which is in present case is 7.

Surcharge is levied on income tax. The retailers have not paid any tax directly it is the consumer who has paid the tax , but the retailer has to do the paperwork in order to correctly pass on to the government the sales tax it has collected.

Income tax is a charge on total income of previous year and is calculated by applying rates of tax prescribed for the relevant assessment year to the total income of the previous year.

In the VAT example above, the consumer has paid, and the government received, the same dollar amount as with a sales tax. An authority established under a central. Fixed asset is that with the help of which owner earns profits by keeping it in his possession eg. The aggregate of all sums that are comprised in the transferred balance as referred to in sub-rule 2 of rule 11 of part A of the fourth schedule of an employee participating in the recognized provident fund.