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learning, reading, note taking, writing—is worth your while. There are, of course, some Chapter 3 introduces the ski Biology Questions and Answers. SAP SD Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations By SAPCOOKBOOK. COM SAP SD Interview QuestionsPlease visit our. Learn SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)interview questions and answers for freshers and one, two, three, four years experienced to crack the job interview for top.

Sap Sd Interview Questions Answers And Explanations Pdf

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Top 50 SAP SD Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced Pdf, You can crack the interview to achieve your sppn.info Provide Tutorial Videos Scenario. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd sppn.info SAP SD Interview Questions & Answers with Explanations provides more than functional . TOP SAP SD Interview Questions and Answers PDF - SAP SD SAP SD Interview Questions Answers and Explanations Espana No.

To define Modes of Transport, navigate — 3.

What are different contract types? How to create a contract in SAP system? Answer: Quantity Contract — In this type of contract overall value is specified in terms of total quantity of material to be supplied by vendor.

Value Contract — In this type of contract overall value is specified in terms of total amount to be paid for that material to the vendor. Contract can be created by following the below steps — Path to create Contract — 5.

Change of Sales Document A sales document type of a sales order can be changed after getting saved. How do you do this? Default distribution channel We have only one distribution channel in our company.

Can we default it in the transaction field that needs distribution channel data?

Top 50 SAP SD Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced Pdf

How can we configure that? Answer: You can use the user master data to achieve this. Use transaction code SU01 and input the user ID. Go to the parameters tab page and add parameter VTW. Input your default distribution channel in the parameter value. The only drawback with this method is you will have to individually do this for all your users.

Where is this configured in SAP? Answer: New shipping points are defined in enterprise structure. Configure for automatic determination of shipping point based on shipping condition, loading group, and plant.

Maintain relevant shipping condition in customer master. Maintain relevant loading group in material master normally the standard. For the combination that you derive from the sales order, you should have a configuration entry for automatic determination in sales order. How to create the source and target database connections in server manager? From here you can create the Source and Target database connections.

Explain what Copy control is and when Copy Control transition can be done? In what manner Copy Control transition can be done?

They consist of program referred as routing that determines how the system will transfer the data. What is the transaction code to open and close posting period? Answer: SAP posting period is to make sure that posting period for the business sales order is aligned with financial posting date, which means when financial accounting is ready for closing and proceed with the payment. Answer: SAP Return Order is carried out when customer returns any previously downloadd products and requires a credit or money back.

While credit memo is when the customer is credited without returning any goods. Lost Tax Field in Customer Master and Material Master I do not know why the tax field in the customer master and material master is hidden.

This field is not suppressed in customer master. How do I make this field appear?

Answer: Make sure you have a tax category defined for your countries in OVK1. Intercompany sales I am working on Intercompany sales.

How do I create material in both company codes? Answer: Use transaction code MM01 to create material with organizational data pertaining to the plants and sales organizations. Info Structure I created a new info structure and activated update rules for it.

What is the best way to transport them into a productive system? Answer: Excise tax is the duty charged on manufacture of goods listed in the chapter and section head of Central Excise Tariff Act.

Process should amount to manufacture and separate identifiable finished goods should emerge having marketability and specified in Tariff Act. There are two places where you need to configure CIN. Answer: Material master leads to classification, and then you select the desired class. SAP have provided a lot of reports in each module.

However, if the standard reports do not meet the business requirement, we can develop our own reports. FICO Consultant. In Pricing Procedures 16 steps are needed to maintain.

This column indicates a formula assigned to a condition type in order to promote an alternative base value for the calculation of a value. For example, you may specify a formula that uses a subtotal of 4 from the subtotal field and then modifies it slightly by dividing it by 2 and using the resultant value as a base value for a condition type. This column is used to specify that the system is to use the formula represented in this column as an alternative in finding the value of the condition type, rather than by using standard condition technique.

This is may be used, for example, to calculate complex tax scenarios.

SAP SD Interview Questions

It is a sales document type RK. This documented process a new way of processing complaints and issuing credit and debit memos. The document allows us to correct the quantity and the price for one or more faulty items on an invoice. Each invoice correction request is made in reference to a mandatory invoice. We cannot create one in reference to an order or quotation. Each invoice correction request contains two items for each item on the invoice. The first item is the value and quantity copied from the invoices; this appears as the credit item.

The second item is the debit item, which represents the correct quantity and or value.

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Should you change this second debit item due to new pricing etc, the difference between the two would then be automatically passed on to billing as either a credit or debit memo. Sales Organization: An organizational unit sells and distributes products, negotiates term of sales, and is responsible for these truncations. Distribution Channel: This channel through which materials or services reach customers. Typical distribution channels include Internet sale, wholesale, retail and direct sales.

You can assign a distribution channel to one or more sales organisations. Product groups can be defined for a wide-ranging spectrum of products.

TOP SAP SD Interview Questions and Answers PDF - SAP SD Interview Questions and Answers

ASAP streamlines the implementation by providing templates, methods, tools and accelerators that have been built on the success of thousands of previous SAP implementations. This methodology divides the implementation process into 5 phases. The sales item category is one of the most important fields in the SAP sales order. It controls the sales document flow and also impacts the schedule line category.If you are always following a third party process for a material then you have to create the material using item category group BANS.

This is required when incorrect quantity of goods is delivered to customer. Explain what Copy control is and when Copy Control transition can be done? The company code is an organizational unit used in accounting. Variant Pricing I need to have an additive price based on a variant characteristic selected and then provide a discount for each of the characteristics. Define Shipping Points tvst?

You cannot delete an Invoice. Maintaining Sales Organization tvko? You can postpone the invoice date in the sales order that belongs to that particular delivery under the billing tab.

And What Is Z Transaction?