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Book details Author: Richard Daft Pages: pages Publisher: South-Western College Pub Language: English ISBN ISBN [E-BOOKS] The Official SAT Study Guide, Edition by College Board Ful [READ PDF] I Have Lived A Thousand. The Leadership Experience - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A Review of “The Leadership Experience”, by Daft. The objective of this text is to assist the reader in mastering those leadership skills that are required to become an effec- tive business leader. Within this context.

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Leadership Mind and Heart.

The Leadership Experience

Courage and Moral Leadership. Motivation and Empowerment. Leadership Communication. Leading Teams.

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Developing Leadership Diversity. Leadership Power and Influence. Creating Vision and Strategic Direction. Shaping Culture and Values.

Leading Change. Acclaimed author Richard Daft helps you explore the latest thinking in leadership theory and contemporary practices at work within organizations throughout the world. Two leadership behaviors were identified- task behavior and relationship behavior which explain the way a leader can behave under certain situations.

These are exemplified by the leader leading by example to help subordinates identify and learn behavior that will facilitate successful accomplishment of tasks and management rewards. However, situational variables were pointed out that tend to undermine leadership style, makes leadership style unnecessary and prevent the leader from displaying some behaviors.

Part three comprises of 3 chapters chapter 4, 5 and 6.

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Chapter 4 focuses on leadership attributes which includes leaders attitude, behaviors, values and personality type. While chapters 5 and 6 explored the mind and heart of a leader emphasizing the significance of morality, ethics, respect, emotional intelligence and care as an integral part of leadership. Daft and Lane indentified that the differences that exist between the leaders and the followers influences the leader-follower interactions, attitudes, values and personality affects the ability of an individual to lead effectively.

Also they authors classified individuals behavior attribute that determines the way they behave into two internal and external. Is internal where individual places responsibility of what happens to them from within and external where responsibility is placed on external factors. Page 6 The Leadership Experience However, Daft and Lane identified five general personality dimensions which describe the way individuals approach issues.

They include extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness to experience and emotional stability. They pointed out that effective leadership implies knowing who you are and the values you represent and possessing the capacity to act on your values. Daft and Lane pinpointed the interconnect that exists between leadership and followership.

They explained that leadership and followership are the basic role that share common similarities and allow for movement in, through and out depending on various situations. Part 4 The Leader as a Relationship Builder This part consists of five chapters chapter 8 through to chapter Chapter 8 focuses on methods of motivation and empowerments leaders can apply on followers.

The Leadership Experience (with InfoTrac)

Chapter 9 described the methods effective methods communicating organizational vision, mission, objectives and ideas across the group. Chapter 10 and 11 explained the role of individuals within a group, team, the value and approach of creating teams, and the impact of diversity within a group.

Chapter 12 described the ideas of ethical and influential leadership. Daft and Lane noted that inspiring motivation and empowerment is a very essential tool of effective leadership.

The Leadership Experience

Leaders must make followers feel valued and as a part of the group to stay focus on course of action. Daft and Lane applied four types of reinforcement which was in-line with Abraham Maslows hierarchy of needs they include negative, positive, punishment and extinction. The underlying principle is that when leaders empower followers they practical demonstrate their confidence in their subordinates ability to execute the task by themselves.

Daft and Lane explained that communication is a systematic process by which values, goals, ideas and objectives are transmitted between multiple people. Feedback mechanism is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of the process. Page 7 The Leadership Experience The authors explained that teams and sub-groups are growing part of organizational culture which has flourished as a result of rapidly advancement in technology and learning.

However they presented diversity as a basic part of a team, encouraging organizational leaders to appreciate diversity and tap into the individual strengths and values to maximize effectiveness. The maintained that the acceptance of diversity will guarantee true transformational leadership which can develop followers into leaders, enable organization to meet psychological needs of the followers and encourage follower to serve in the best interest of the group.

Emphasis is placed on leader and his functions. Daft and Lane explained that the most important function of the leader is to articulate and communicate visions that will motivate and boost follower moral towards accomplishment of organizational objective and as a guide into the future.

The leader crafts vision which helps a group to establish a mission to define who they are. Under this context the leader serves as an architect and a guild to motivate the followers to accomplish the groups objective.

Recommendations Daft and Lane provided a broad base functional framework for definition of leadership and followership with real examples.

Based on this I make the following recommendations; 1. That this book will be beneficial to individuals wishing to receive thorough knowledge of the dynamism of effective leadership especially undergraduates and graduate students.Courage and Moral Leadership.

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Also they authors classified individuals behavior attribute that determines the way they behave into two internal and external. Daft and Lane explained that communication is a systematic process by which values, goals, ideas and objectives are transmitted between multiple people.

Report item - opens in a new window or tab. Followers are an important part of the leadership process, and all leaders are sometimes followers as well.