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Saturday, June 15, 2019

What is the latest Firmware update for MBL 2TB and can MBL devoice be accesses by MyCloud App on a remote computer on internet. Answer ID | This article explains how to reset a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo. Current Firmware Data recover on a My Book Live 2TB - HELP!. Their MBR (master boot record) containing the partition table will be overwritten. In addition, the original Western Digital firmware's disk format.

Wd My Book Live 2tb Firmware

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I have never downgraded my wd mbl firmware .. I am trying to upgrade my WD My Book Live 2TB from MyBookLive Core F/W. If you want to use the latest WD Firwmare for MyBook Live, you will find it . I opened up my shiny new MyBook Live 2TB, found out that it was. My Book Live is a relatively inexpensive Network Attached Storage (NAS) device from Western Digital. the device, how to install FuguHub, how to perform firmware upgrades after installing FuguHub, and how FuguHub is integrated with the.

Apparently the firmware was incorrectly downloaded failed checksum. You should retry and post result. Hello, I'm having the exact same problem as AntoxaVR6.

Seeing as squeeze is officially released, I think "Hey, I should add the squeeze repos and do an apt-get dist-upgrade", so I look at the sources. It was missing the squeeze gpg key, which I thought was strange but decided to ignore and simply downloaded it from http: I then decided to do an apt-get upgrade before going for an all out dist-upgrade, and when it was done the WebUI had stopped working.

Using the information on the main page I figured out how to get it back up and running php ini thing , but I decided I should revert to official firmware using the technique posted here.

When all was said and done though, I got the same bad checksum error so I re-downloaded 4 times and compared the md5 to the one posted here http: Based on that discussion and my own observations, I would guess it is an incompatible version of dpkg or md5sum more likely md5sum since the person in the other thread reverted dpkg to the initial one, md5sum is the program reporting the initial error, and coreutils was updated.

The versions I have are dpkg 1. If somebody with a clean system could check the versions of these it would be much appreciated. Its not super critical at the moment everything, including the WebUI seems to be working fine , but I'm afraid to restart the device, or even disconnect my ssh session.

Any help would be great, thanks.

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OK, I tried downgrading to the latest coreutils from Lenny 6. If I was sure that the everything was actually correct I would replace md5sum with a simple program to return 0 to the shell, but I have a feeling that something may actually be screwing up somewhere. It may still be as simple as having to have exactly the right version of coreutils, but something like how htye generate md5 sums shouldn't change if it does, that is a serious problem.

I have no idea what is going wrong. I riped apart the deb file, and the md5 of the rootfs. The file size of the rootfs.

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I have read the script in question like 10 times and the only pertinent part is:. I have no idea why this worked the first time I installed this update first thing I did out of the box , and not now except for possibly the fact that the newer packages might be larger and are taking up space needed by other stuff.

So, for some reason the new rootfs is being created just a little bit too small. Latter today I will try to debug the creation process.

I tried removing some unnecessary packages to free up space, but that didn't help at all, so the additional space used by the newer packages is almost certainly not the issue. It is possible that the end of that image is just padding anyway and it wouldn't matter if I just force the installer past it, but I really don't want to do that.

If anybody else has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for the giant wall of text this post has become, but I hate double posting.

You said: Turns out that the upgrade we did from lenny to squeeze replaced mdadm with a version that uses a new, larger metadata header by default it even complains about the old header in the update. Um… it is using an empty partition, it is like the partition it comes with isn't large enough to hold the image by just a little bit of space.

I have no idea why this would be the case now and not on a clean install. I have similar problem, but there are some errors at first script lines. My previous problems Link have been solved. All was well until I tried to upgrade to the latest firmware which was alerted to me this morning. It took too long, and when I rebooted, I lost the webUI access, as expected.

I tried downloading the firmware and doing the "updateFirmwareToLatest. Preparing to replace apnc Now I don't have webUI but thankfully still have ssh access to it , and lost the ability to upgrade to the latest firmware.

Should I create the conf file, or is there any other way for me to restore the firmware and hopefully restore the linux in the drive without erasing all my data in the 3Tb drive shudder!

Hi, my Booklive is dead and only ssh is working for me now. HOw can I get it back?. I tried but could not able to understand about updateFirmwareFromFile. Where can i download this file? I am having the same issue. I have not been able to find either updateFirmwareFromFile.

The program autoruns and displays the My Book World Edition main menu. This guide is from my personal. This firmware is. My Book. World Edition. User Manual. Single and Dual-drive. Netw ork Storage Systems. Downloaded from www. I recently suffered the same fate as many others when attempting to upgrade my Western Digital MyBook Pro external drive to the latest firmware revision, 1.

Half way I have the MyBook World Edition 2 and want to give this "hack" a go since it doesn't startup anymore HD's spin but no blue lights. Furthermore, we obtain security patches directly from debian instead of relying on infrequent firmware upgrades..

The installation is based on the writeup from loetzimmer. Kernel builds. Western Digital's "MyBook" drives are very convenient and popular storage options, but if the drive stops working then you might have success by. I've been storing my photos on.

WD has also made firmware upgrades available that make the drives even quieter, so that's a good thing. I can tell you this right.

Again, how fast are your transfers? Whether its running. The upgrade process was done in about ten minutes and we encountered no problems. The current version 2. After a little I am about to download a my book world 11 and have been looking around the net for reviews and hence found yours. It seems.

Are other users of any of those devices? Can I help community by testng on those. I m copying mb worth of an mp3 album via wd 2go. How to reinstall firmware on wd mybookworld after disk change. Instructions to update the firmware manually. The dlna software under the downloaded firmware is not installed. Controller board for my book world edition.

This latest firmware release will enhance nas. The reason I did this is because WD is no longer. Every night at 3 am, a cronjob rotates these. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.. I have checked for firmware updates from WD and I'm running the latest version. I have reduced my rating from 5 to 3 stars.

When contacting WD for support, have your WD product serial number, system hardware, and system software versions available. Registering Your WD Product.

FuguHub for the My Book Live NAS

Register your WD product to get the latest updates and special offers. This 1TB drive attaches to your network with a Gigabit Ethernet connection for fast data transfers. A capacity gauge on the front tells you how much space you have left on the drive. For added network storage, you can attach a. I have no idea what is going wrong.

I riped apart the deb file, and the md5 of the rootfs. The file size of the rootfs. I may have to add a bunch of debug echo statements to their install scripts, repackage the deb and see what is going wrong. Edit: after some experimenting I determined that it does store the data on the Data Volume.

I have no idea why this worked the first time I installed this update first thing I did out of the box , and not now except for possibly the fact that the newer packages might be larger and are taking up space needed by other stuff. So, for some reason the new rootfs is being created just a little bit too small.

Western Digital My Book Live

Latter today I will try to debug the creation process.This tutorial is divided into the following sections: Permanent Link Edit Delete. My previous problems Link have been solved. You could then turn off the remote access completely. WD2Go actually looks at the original photo, so it is not optimized for web viewing, e.

You can disable "Enable" option in the Remote Access tab in the "dashboard" for the device. The following has happened: I have no idea what is going wrong.