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By combining two key elements – exam preparation and essential study skills – IELTS Foundation provides all-encompassing, step-by-step support for students. The IELTS Academic Writing module measures your ability to write in my mind it was the service sppn.info sppn.info MACMILLAN IELTS Foundation SB. Khatuna Buskivadze. Contents 1 Studying Skimming abroad Prediction DiaEraN Page 6 MultiPle choice 2 Earth today.

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IELTS Foundation has been written by teachers who have spent many classroom hours teaching low-level IELTS students. It provides a comprehensive package. Format: pdf mp3 Target language: English IELTS Foundation is a motivating and Aimed at those in the IELTS band of 4 , this topic-based book will train students in IELTS Foundation Student's Book Answer Key Macmillan, 68 p., A self-study course for all General Training Modules. Macmillan, p. Highly Recommended Book for IELTS learners. This book consist of 4 Sections.

Then take it in tums to Lalkon your topic for minutes.. You should say: Mafte sure you have Use the drop-in centre and other services which can give you Exam information module,the examinerwill giveyou a cardwith ln Part2 oI the Speaking Strategy someprompts. Theexaminer will not interruptyou or askquestions while Usethe preparation you arespeaKrng.

Youcan makenotesilyou like, In Part3,the examinerwill askyou somemoregeneralquestions'related to but rememberyou thetopicin Part 2. Thinkof oneorNvo 1 Work in pairs. Then take i[ in tums to talk on your topic for minutes. Describea leisureactivity eg a hobby, Descdbe a tfpical dish from your country that sporr you would iiice to give a visitor from another or gamethatispopularh your count4i country. Answer the questionsas fully as possible Afterwards,changeroles o Haveyoueverbeento a country where youfound thefoodstrange?

Didyoutry it, or didyoulookfor foodfromyour Whathappened- or whatdoyouthinkmjght owncountry? UnderstandingkeYfeaturesol data 1 In a Task1 question,Youareaskedto descdbea chart,diagram,tableor graphm at leasiwords Hereis a tyPicalqueshon: T'P statement Thisbar chattiltustnteslhe numberof studentsstudyingdiffercntsubjectsat Theopening universityleveloveta live'yeatperiod. Firstly,makesureyou 4 Doesthebar chart show factsand figuresabout a one time or understand whatthe b changesover time?

Then 5 What arc the most significant changes? Do not simplylistevery statistic. Writing an introductory statement 4 Look at this introductory paragraph taken fiom an answer to the example writing task arld answer the questions. B what the horizontal axisshows. C whdthappenedin lq96and Completethesesentenceswilh the nameof the subiectarea.

Subjectswhichbecame more populal 0 There was a slight increase in the number of students tak1ry.. Therewao a oliqhlt increase in Lhe numberg of gtu4ento takin1 Medicine an4 Denl;. Understanding how sentences work 1 Look again at the last part of the model answeron page Thepatternofsubiect, 1 Find an exampleof eachof theseparts of speech verb,objectis nearly 0 a verb in the past tense thoweA alwaysusedinwritten English sentences.

Divide eachsenlenceinto threeparts as in the examples. Write eachone in the table. Someeubjecte became overthiepenoa. Thisbat chartshowsthe Alot of studentlikes playing tabletennis Ofatddcar , fte plalinAI A! Look at these tfuee different suggestions. Write sentencesusng these adjectives and prepositions.

I'm keenon Chineeefoodana alavinl baoketbalL 1 keenon 2 nervousabout 3 good at 4 interested in 5 fascinated by 2 Draw pictures or diagrams to illustrate the following trends. Record them using one of the ways suggested in the Study skills secLion. Look 3 Why aie we hopelesslyaddicled ro thesethings? K But EU sourcessay Brusselswill avoid E In Bdtain that means trying to cut the need recommendrrg large dses irrpetrol and to travel, said David Begg, chairrnan of the diesel taxesafter the prctests in Bdtain and Commissiol for IntegratedTransport - the Franie last autumn Government's advisory body: The report will encourage Srowth of out-of-town shopping and other countdes to follow Brrtam m businessparks in the Eighties.

The money would help the rail and bus servtces, Guessingmeaninglrom context 4 Find a word in the text that means the sanreas: Commission lor a decade- sayscongestion Only 10 per cent oi our fares are subsidized, costs Ewope up to billion a year. Government's advisory body: The report wrll encourage growth of out-of-town shopping and other countries to lollow Britain in businessparks in the Eighties.

The money would help the rail and bus services. Guessing meaning from context 4 Find a word in the text that means the same as: Britons pay headingstochoose from than paragraphs. Rememberto readthe instructionscarefully. Youmay omit art;cles 4 By what percentegehave public hansport fares risen in the last 20 yeaIs? Choosing the best title 8 Choosethe most suitabletitle for the reddingpassage.

IhlcIUIc the subjectand verb in the sentence. Is the verb singular or plural? Is itcorrect or incorect? Rewrite the inco[ect sentences. Identify the following: Youranswerswill be in noteform, not whole sentences,butthev needto answerthe questiongrammatically. The orderot the questionsalwaysfollows the orderof the text. How much waste is buried? Exam Sentence completion information z LomPlete the notes. Youranswersmight bewordsfromthe text, butyou may also haveto changethem to fit the word timit.

Lio"irioun"if" ioi r""iOlntiio gldssandphperin Theypullheseoutsidetheirhouses "lso at the sametime as theirrubblsh,andtheyarecollectedand recycleo' "orr"ct I see. So areyousayingthatrecyclingis moreimportantthanactuallyreducing waste?

I Somethinein Droeressdt this soecificmoment A changing,developingor temporarysituationhappeningaroundnow but! Whatkinds ofwords in a sentenceare usually stressed? Usinqcorrectstress 1 Ifyou askme. Now practisesaying these phraseswlth the correctstressand use them next time Giving and justifying opinions 1 0 5 Listen to the different peopletalking about threeof thesetopics r-.

Shouldwe control urban growth? How canpollution be reduced? Are zooscruel or useful? Main reasons 2 Look at the words and phrasesin the languagebox below Usethem to give your opinions on the topics in 1. In what situationsdo you noticethis most?

Describeto yourpartnerhow you feel in thesesituations 4 Look at someof the problemscausedby overpopulationin cities. Rank theseproblems,putting numbersnext to the categories.

Organizing your writing 1 ffiiti. Write lhe essay. Note down a roughessayplaIlorganizedby paragraPhheadings. A nilv. Readthe instructionsand questioncarefully. Brainstormideas 2 Readthisquestion. Present a wnttenargument or caseto an educated no specialist readerwith knowledgeof thefollowing topic.

Thereis an excessivenumberof carcon ourrcadstodayand thisleadsto andgovemments manyprcblems. Individial, shouldensurclhalpublic ltansporlplaysa moteimpottantrolein moden life in orderto tacklethese ptootems.

Look ataprevious 1 Who are you writing for? How 3 How long do you have to write this essay? This will 5 Answer Lhesequestions. Give examples. Give examples 7 From your ideas,outline a rough plan.

Strategy Followyourroughoutlineandwriteyouressayasquicklyas possible. Eipressideasandopinionsbackedup by examplesandevidence. Payattention spellingandpunctuation to grammatvocabulary, asyou write 9 Editing. Checkgrammar,vocabularyand spelling. Make sure that you leaveyourcelfa few minutes to checkyourwork foi any obvious grammar for examplearticles,tenses.

You will not have Limeto changeLhemain contentof your essaybut you mi8ht noticesome errors thatcanbe easilycorrected 1 O Work ln pairs. Readthe exampleof a student'sanswerto this question Then discussthe questions 1 Do you thmk the candidatehas answeredthe questionsufficiently?

Clve reasons. How would you correctthem? Anywaye, the ideaehoubbebaeedonthe hlqhqualitypublictransporteatvicee, whichare providedbythe 4overnmentin ar4erto attract marepaggenqere. Tooumup,I etronqlyeupporLthat the 0 inneasin7of ueinqtho Publlc trangportsigan1fficientwayto tacklethe I;raffican4the enviranment problemg. We use afew alJ. Eachand mery are followed, by a sinBular or countable noun.

Often it does not maher if wd use e4c, or eoerylbut we must use eachto rcIet lo two lhlrrgs. AII thesequantifiersare used to refer to iruopeopleor things. Bol, means this one and that one.

It is followed by a plural noun. Ncilhermeausnoteither,nol tfls one tor uus one. Both olhcrarrdanoth? Alecountablenouns and beforinurnbers. Tick the ones that are true for you.

Discuss how and when you have used the strategies in 1. Then check their meaning in your dictionary and record them. Find e answersas quickly aspossible. I 60 Ma'e. When you 2 Readthe articlequickly. Are thesestatementsTrue or False?

T l 2 I rtowent to "pa ewith dn all Americdncrew. Abour 25 frmily members,mcluding QE2 costsa mere dl a mile, measuredin two sonsand a daughrer,aswell asbusiness a straEhcline partnels, friends, and Suzanne,his former wife, travelledto Kazakhstanto bidTito 55 C The Soyezrocket withTito on ttoard farewell.

IELTS_Foundation_Answer_Key.pdf - IELTS Foundation Students

In keepmg under sunnyblue skres. Atelevision wirh superstition,rhe spacemenwere not monitor showedTito in a white spacesuit allowedto watch the settingup of the booster and a plexrglasshelmet, grinning broadly. Instead,they performed their own bizarredtual; a ceremonialurination on the DA ground controller asked'How do you tyres of dre minibus that took rhem ro the feel?

M'I'm not a professionalastronaut,'hesaid, Amateurs haveflown in spacebefore- 'butI'm as dedicaredto the mission as any 80 among them rhiee congressmen and a astronautwo uld be'.

Saudip nce-but he was floatinginto 40 history asthe first paying tourisr. A 4 ascmded pata. A deter para. L A joins together A make s. A ercftplary pala. Yuri Gagarinbecamethe filst man in space. Listeningfor gist 1 06 You will hear someone talking to a classin a language school Exam about a hip Listen and answerthesequestions information 1 Where is the trip to?

Therearefourpartsto 2 How long will the trip last? ThisListening is a Part Multiple choice 2 typetext. In Part2 youwill hearone 2 06 Listen to the first part of the recording again and answer persontalkingin an questions Circle the appropdate letter. A a student A by coach B.

C the btudent officer C byfelly. D the French teacher. D by train. C D Wednesday31stMarch. Find out if theyte the negative social,environmentalandeconomical rareor endangered, lakenfromlhe wild, impaclsof yourvisit and if the trade is approved of by local aulhorities 1 Flememberyou area guest 14 Don'tencourage illegaltradeby downloading 2 Be culturally sensitive and respectlocal productsmadefromendangered customs specres 3 Allowenoughtimein eachplaceto appreciate it 4 Travelby yourownmusclepowerwhere 15 Encourage a naturalandcullural possible understanding ofthe placesyouhave 5 Be carefulnotto introduce exolicplants visited ot anrmals 16Considertheenviron mental andcullural 6 Stayon thetrack trail effecisof yourvisitProvidefeedbacklo 7 Leavean areacleanerlhanwhenyou tout operatots, yourtravelagentand foundit government agencies whomanagethe areasvisited.

Match them with the dictionary definitions. Use the contextof the text to help you. Summary completion ComPleteit with words t'orEcotorlisfs. Strategy Euests an ecotouroperator respect endangered Makesureyour a holidaypackage educate Iocal positive negative soap answeris customers rubbish d a n g e r o u s grammatically correct andagreeswithwhat is saidin the text.

Accordingto theEAAecotourists mustchoose Beadthe words before Theymust makesute that theyto ow the code of practice,use and afterthe 9ap guidesandsetvices, For example: Whenwalkingtheyshouldnotleave Theyshould downloadproductsmadetrcmplantsot animalswhichare 7. Look at Guidelinesfor Ecotourists Look at G idelinesfor Ecotourists7-L0.

Talk for atleast one minute aboutyourfour guidelines. ParaPhraseand add examples to expand on the basic inJormation.

Use the expressionsfrom the useful language box Useful language: Takeit in furns to ask and answerthesePart 3 questions What arethe benefitsof visiting different countries? Wlat arethe negativeeffectsof tou sm?

Wlat do y needto do beforeyou 8o abroadonholiday? How should countries encoutage toutists to come to their country? How do you think tourism in your country will changein the future? Think abouLthety?

Which is a date? Fill in the information in the sPacesin the boxes Strategy Thesewill helpyou Lookat the partsof thetablethatarealreadycomplete.

Direct Changeat Stockport thetable. Retum joumey DepartEdinburgh Saythe tabledetailsto T? Lookatthe diagrambeforeyou listenandthinkaboutwhatit shows. Look for kevleaturesand their positions,eg if it is a plan,whereis the speaker standing? Austra i5a verypopuldrtourisldestindtion.

Wllat reasonscan you think of for visiting Australia? Have you ever been to Australia? If not would you like to go?

What was your experience like or what do you imagine it would be like? The table below shows how many tourists from live counties visited Austftlia in ditfercnfyearsfrcm , W te a rcpottlot a univercttv lecturcr desc bing the infomaion below.

The fitures are in thousands s Task 1: Selecting significant informa on TIP 3 Which of thesestatementswould be the nrost snilablegenenldescriptialt Whendescribing data for the data above?

Quicklyreadthe textand underline onestatementabouteachof the countries Thetabteohotaothe rigeinthe number froma number of visiiorota Ausl: However by 1O therewerenearlyas manytouri6t' frcm the other Europeanaountrie1ao fiom the UnEed9tate?

Usef ul language: Use the seful language box"to help you. German the UK. I M a k ea l l y o u r ic ln therewerenorethantwicea9 many statements general.

I Trytoexplainthe data or grvereasons. Tell your Partner why these things will be useful to you anovocaDurary. Articles 'lt was - ant IeaP for - tourist industry. Ca yolt explain why? Write aown tshategy to helP with aTableCompletiontask. Thint of two suitable smtences using Phrases inapduced in this unit Reading: When will you do this?

Find these words in the unit. B Watchsomeoneelseusingit. C Have a go at using it wit[ someguidance. A Youmay learnbest through words. B You may leam bestthrouAh visuals C You may leam best by doing. Is this true for you?

Summary completion Strategy Summarycompletion is similarto sentence completion; exceptthatthe gaps arewithina paragraph summarizing the listening. Makesureyouranswersfit grammatically andarespeltcorrectly. T h e yl i k ew r i t i n ga n d L e n dt o Readthe summary think inwords, not pictures. Whatkindof information is missing? They have the ability to explaiD teachand Jobsthatthesepeoplemightdo include joumalists,teachers, Thesepeopleare likely tobecomeinvolved in science,comPuter programmming,5.

Politiciansand managers. Which intelligence do you think they represent? I enjoymakin1,.. Put theexamDlesinto the table Followed by -irg Followed by infinitive Followed byboth -izg and infinifive ery0y 4 h which column would these sentencesgo? Use your dictionary agree begin decide ifnecessary fail imagine mind 6 Sometimesitis possibleto useboth -in8 and inJinitive.

Look at these examples remember forget and answer the questions. Involve a I like war,chinqmueic videoo.

Try5 set Youwill feel much berteronceyou clo Connected speech lvhen native speakets speak English, they naturally join words together TIP Two things they do are: Then listen and check youl answeis. Tablecompletion Strategy Lookatthetableandanyexamples g;venandcheck: Crows Text2: Dolphini Text3: Ihe arllnnlsto fiDd oul if they could makethe correctselectionand public could actur y watch lhese observations what their accrracyratevas.

Organizationand coherencerparagraphing 1 Readthis question. Present a writtenargument orcaseto an educated readerwithnospecialist knowledgeof thefollowing topic.

Academic achievement at schooloruniversity is theonlytruemeasurc of a percon'sinlelligence Towhaterted doyouagreewiththisstatement? The first and last paragraphs are essential in holding the sandwichtoSether!

Why isit more suilablethanthe other two? Introduction 1 Strategy Academic achievement meanspassingexamssuchasA levels at schoolor university orgettinga Degreeor Masters. There is nodoubtthatyouneedto beclevertodothis.

A goodintroduction will includeclear, Introduction 2 relevant information Manypeoplebelievethal academic achievementat schoolor university istheonly aboutthetopicbut huemeasure of a person's intelligence. However,therearetwosidesto this shouldnot repeatthe statement andotherpeoplewoulddisagree withthisview questionword-for- word,lt canalso Introduction3 includethe viewof the Thereis nodoubtthatpeopleareoftenjudgedintermsof theireducational success.

However, thisis surelynot theonlywayto measureintelligence. The main body There. Palaglaph 2: Thisis oftenparticularly trueof peoplewithpractical skillssuchascarpenters or ptumoerc. Thereare alsofurtherexamplesof peoplewho havenot achievedacademicsuccess in education Althoughlhey may not havepassedmanyexamsat school,theyhavesuccessfrrlly learnta tradeor skillwhichdefinitelyrequiresintelligence Thereare manypeoplewho leaveschoolatthe age of 16 yet go on to have successf ul careers, Paragraph3 4 Now do the same task with this paragraph which is the next section in the mam Dooy: Suchskillscannolnecessarilybe learnton a courseorfrom a bookyetcouldbe considered to be more'natural'forms of Intelligence.

Musicianshavethe skillsto performcomplexpiecesof musicwhileartistscan create piecesof workthrough beautiful parnting orsculpture They may not havedonewellat 'educated'bylearningabouta subject schooloruniversitybut havebecome independently or by dealingwitha varietyof reaFlifesituationsand problems. T'P Indeed,therearemanyhighly'qualified, successfulpeoplewho oftenlack 'commonsense'andwho wouldbe lessableto copewithsuchditticulties.

Goodwritersshow linksbetween SentenceI: Which phraseintroducesa fu rther R? Which wordsrelerbacklo experieflcein sentence1? Conclusions 6 Write a conclusion by reading the Introduction and Main Body and then: Presenta writtenargumentor casetoan educatedreaderwithno specialist knowledgeol the followingtopic. Parcnts and family backgroundhave more inlluence than teachercon a young percon'slearning and academic achievement To what ertent do you agrce with this 'tatement?

The main bodv of an answer to this question i,sProvided First read it quickly. Then;rderline the main iddas and supporting information in each faragraph. Paragraph2 Many peoplebefievel: Aften,oneor moreleacherscan haveconsiAerable influenceavera It istrueto saythat Thereis no doubt ular sub ectar helpinlt: In recentyears N4any people consrder Conclusions Conclusion In conclusion, Overall, it is clear that Listening and writing simultaneously 1 li. As you listen, complete the notes.

Geneticfactors 4. Pointsto remembel: Focuson studieswith similarpatternandcomparewith thosethat don't f o l l o ws a m et r e n d st h e na n a l y sw e h y t h e5. TTP Replaceeachword below with anotherword in the textwhich hasa similar Writersusedifferent meanlng, words withsimilaror Text 1 Text2 Text 3 related meaningsto tool n animal n undertake do research v linkdifferent partsof thetexttogether.

The first sentenceof eachparagraphis missing. They can,and do, comnunicatewith humans. Thercis a linguistchimp Chimps can solve problems,use tools and when they lose their teeth, even imprcvise a makeshift food blender. Two observershave now claimed to seechimps in the wild leaving eachother "notes". Separategroirps ofchimpanzees have different ways of doing things, and pass theseways on through the generations: In a word, they mightbe hunan.

Monis Goodman,a geneticistat Wayne StateUniversity sclioolofmedicine in Detroit, arguesthat chimpaazeesshould be includedwil h humansin the sameevolulionarygrouping. The evidenceis in the DNA. Instead of compadng digits, or spinal Goodmanand his coileaguesreport iniheir article that they compared g7 genesin six different species: DNA is common to all life: Humans and chimps came out with a similadty of gg.

On the strengthof this, Goodmansays: But at anotherlevel,he is raisingan argumentabouthuman links with Are humans a breed apart, with dominion over fish, flesh and fowl? Or are humans just gifted apes,Iucky enoughto have an edgeover their nearestrelatives? AId if the latter, then what rcsponsibilities do humans owe to their fellow creatrues? And ifapes were classified as human, would Homo sapiensbe guilty ofgenocide? Looking up the meaning of words?

A good dictionary has so much morc useful information than just the meaning and is essential for leaming a language In order to use a dictionary effectively, you need to understand the abbreviationsthat arc usedin it. Now look in your dictionary to Finddn exampleo? What othei abbreviations does your dictionary have?

A good dictionary has a lot of information about each word. Find out how much your dictionary can tell you. Find thesewords in the unit. Future plans and arrangements There are severaldifferent ways of talking about the future in English.

Look at theseexamples. So whatare vou doingon Wednesdav?

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Shallwe go to thistalk? Sr Maybe- what'she goingto talk about? Says7 o'clockhere. OK,l'llmeet vouhere, A careeror a iob? Underline the besLaltematives. Do you knowwhatyou wanllo do? No,I'd liketo be, but my dad wouldkillme Witha degreein Business, I'vegot quiteafew options,but lthink I'd liketo go intomarketing. I reallywantto try and get a job overseas- my sisterand her two kidslive in Australia,and l'd liketo go outthere Jr Realfy,that'dbe grealt.

Jr OK - see you then. Scanning IQuickly readihesethreejobadverLs and find theinformation. Which job 1 only requires6 months'previous expe ence? Yourrolewill be inputting Fluent in French or Dutch ond processing newopplicotions ondgenerolly oss;sling fie Maternitycontractfor 6 odminislrotors Thisposlrequires o leomoloyer,whois llexible,well months.

[PDF+CD] Cambridge English Mindset for IELTS Foundation Student's Book

Large,Birmingham- oroonizedond methodicol u,irho oooJllnIJ hr. Dutieswill includeorronoino experiencein a busy ouerseos trouel,. Youshouldbevery Frenchor Dutchto business fomiliorwithWordond Excel. Lookno You should be ealopulle!

A careeror a job? Guessingmeaninglrom context 2 Matchtheunderlinedwordsin thejobadvertswith thetudefinitions. Qualihes Qualifications Skills Other Understandinginformation in tables 1 The table below shows women's attitudes towards work and family life in the UK, between and Work in Pails Which statements do you agree with?

Yoagteeingwith the statement A man'sjob is to eam the noney; a woman's 48 19 18 job is to look after the home arld family Women can't combine a career and children 29 14 A job is all right but what most women really 40 15 want is a home aJld children.

If a woman takesseveralyearsoff to look after 42 35 her children she should exPecther career to suffer. An lncreosinsnumberore likey to provlde wornensporlicipolionroleshosbeenomongwomen corefor on immedlote or extendedfomiy member with childrenBetween ond , the porticipoiionrolefor womenw th ch ldrenund-.

M a t c h i n gh e a d i n g st o p a r a g r a p h s 4 Choosethe most suitableheadingsforparagraphsA-F. Strategy 1 Womeninte[upt their careersto carefor family 2 Both rnenand women in the labour forcehave child caredemands ldentifykeywordsin 3 Increasingproporhon ofemployeeswithboth child and eldercare the headings.

Strategy L a b e l l i n ga d i a g r a m Lookatthediagrams andcheck carefully you understand what A Percentageof women in the labour force with pre-school children and with Youmay be askedto childrenaged Are ther any ;uffixes which tell you what Part of sPeechthey are? Task 1: Comparing and contrasting data 1 Unemployment is a problem in many parts ot the world. Answer Lhese questrons. The table below shows the unemploynent rctes in 2OOOlot men and women in diftercntparts of the wo d.

Wite a rcpott for a univercitytecturerdescribing the informationbelow Time: Ihe chartindicate. Ihe latal nta inlheae caunlriesi5. What do they have in common? Look at this information But Exanrple: Theeconomiae of the Netherlandsanl Aueltraliaare similatbltthe unemployment nlte ia muchhi4her]n the latter.

Wheredoesit gDin asentence? Betwee two clauses-it cannotbegin a senlence, Wat doyou fioticeaboutitspltllctuation? Asubject and a finite verb.

The lrends shown for the four areascan be comPared and contrasted but in this graph changesover time also need to be described A careeror a iob?

Look at the questionbelow and answerthe questions. TIP 1 What do the pie charts tell you about each countly? In whatorderwould 2 What time piriod is shown? Agriculture and forcstry 2. Extensivereadingand listening 1 A good way to rnake faster progress is to use EnSlish outside the classroom. Which do vou have accessto' Reading LiBtening Fndlich l,nm,,oe Englishspeakers newsPaPels the radio in English novels films in English with or without text books subtitles gladed rcaders stories written in TV in English simplified language, wdtten for the Intemet students taped stories in English magazines songs the Intemet 2 How many do you use regularly?

Discussthesequestlons 1 Which of the activitiesin 1 do you do? Give examPles. Fitl in the table below as you do them. Setyourseu realistictargets- it would be Sreatto reada whole newsPaPer er eiv day,but most peo,-ple don't have thalmuch time! Readsomething or [sten to somethinBin Engtishevery day Readard [sten to a rajl8,eoF text t]? Then check their mealing in your dictionary and record them.

Extensivereadingand listening 1 A good way to make fasLerprogressis to use Englishoutside the classroom. Which do vou hdveaccesslo- Reading Listening English languaSe: English speakers newsPaPers the radio in English novels films in English with or without text books subtitles gladed rcaders stories wdtten in TV in English simplified language, written Ior the lntemet students taped stories in English magazines sonSs the Lrtemel 2 How many do you use regularly?

Fill in the table below as you do them. Reacisomethingor listen to somethingin tnglish every ddy. Readand listen to a ran8eof text t? Find these words in the u]rit. Then check their meaning in your dictionaly and record them. Crimeand punishment:. A fine Acaution Capitalpunishment A c'1enon. Not Given 3 Read this text on burglary Do the statemenhsbelow reflecLthe claims of the writer in the passagebelow2 Write: Burglaryisa serious butverycommon crime.

In,aroundonein everysixcrimes recordedinthe UKwasburglaryVictim Supponisa charitythat offerssuppon andgets in touchwithovela million peopleaffectedby crimeeachyear Mostvictinis of crimewanttotalkto someone aboutwhathashappened andhowtheyarefeeling. Talkingto lriendsandfamily canbehelpful, butVictim suppon providesa servicewhichinvolves chalitycanhelp, volunteer.

Ihis talklngto a speciallytrained regardless of whetheror notyouhave toldthepoliceoranyone. People whoarevictimsofburglarycan beaffected waysevenif in a widerangeof different hasbeenstolen.

Ilose noneoftheirproperty whose houseshavebeen burgled just maybeupset atthethought thatsomeonehasbeen in theirhomeagainst theirwishesandthiscanoftenmakethem feelinsecure. Aswellasoffering suppo Victimsupponcan alsohelp victims dealwithpeoplewho becontacted usuallyneedto after aslandlordt a burglarysuch thepolice orinsurancecompanies. Match the summades to the lineof eachsection.

BUTrememberthat a 4 How successfu I membersof the public feltlhe Victim upport service summarywill coverall or most oI the main 5 lvhich victims were most ljkely tobe contactedby Victim Support. Victimswhosaidthattheyhadwanted 'farrlyhelplul'. VrctimSuppoftvisits were l5times more particularly forthemorepersonalkindsotcontact likelyt0 thosewhosaidtheyhadbeen'very much' lace-to-face andtelephone ;the speed withwhich Thismaybepadlydue afiected.

B an official govemment report. C a textbook for students studying sociology. D a newspaperarticleabout a oew Mctim SuPporlscheme Definingrelativeclauses 1 Look at thesesentencesfrom the second text on page 57 Find and underline the defining relative clausesand circle the relative pronoun.

Ahighproportion ofpeople whoVictim Support contacted werehelped withat oneproblem least Victitt S pportis the subjectof the sentence. A highptoportiottofpeopleis theobject.

Note that a relativeprcnoun is not necessaryiJ it refersto the objectof ihe sentmce. Somewill have more than one Possibiliry 0 The treatment.. The first one has been done for you. Therefore, many people will be burgled at some point in their life. Some of those will find it devastating, even if none of their possessionsare actually taken People should realize the effect they may have on someone else's life.

In my opinion, if someone offends again, they should receive a stiffet sentence. Evaluatingand challengingideas,evidenceor an argumenr 1 Complete this sentencein your own words. Themainaimof sendinga personto prisonis to Presenta writtenargumentorcaseto an educatedreaderwithno specialist knowledgeof the followingtopic. Futurc plans to design prisonslor leaning and working, with bigget cells containingcomputerc that will enable study and communication,have been criticized lor ttying to tun p sonsinto'holiday camps'and for Wasting taxpayerc'money'.

To what erte do you agrce or disagrce with these views?

Timer40 minutes Writeat leastwords. HoweveE thereio nodoubtin mymind e Produce a clearessay I but I dm unconvinced that this 4 ii iqcledrthatthisissueneedsto by structuringeach be consideredcarefully paragraph.

Theissueof X is Challengingideas I disagreewiththe view I do not believethat Agreeing with ideas to be backed up by reasonsl I stronglyagreewith this vlew Givingopinions that Thereis no doubtin my mind Do you know what the consequencesor punishments are for truancy in your country? Accorainqto OaviaR. Therewill 6 Over 12,children played truant in the Spring.

Kmg words dre"TlCle: More than one choicemay be possiblein each case. Rewrite and improve the answer to include somemore linkingwords. Thenumber of crimeecammiutea Wyoun4peoplekeepe qrawin1 eachyearThe i6 not dolnq6nau4h 1overnmenl; to cut crime.

Liqhtpuniehnenlto ouchaa communilty eerviceda notwork. Yaun1p1ople ehauld bepuniehedmoreeeverely. Word stress In somelanguages,all wordsarestressedin thesameplace. Englishhas many rules aboutword stressand theycanbe confusilg However,someof thecommononesareusefulto leam. When youlearn a new word,nakesureyou politician situation station examination notewherethe stressis otherwise 5 A gooddictionarywill tellyou wherethestressis on a word.

Lookat this younayDe dictionaryentry. How is lhestressmarked? Readthe inStruchons Youshould say: Youshouldalsosaywhatyoulikedmostabout uus suqecr. Part3 2 Work in pairs. Takeit in tums to ask and answer these questions. Listeningand writing simultaneously Students taking the IELTS Listening module often find it difficult to write down answers and continue to listen at the same time. Look at this note comDletion exerciseand discuss these questions.

Do you know anything about it? Use a dictionary to check the meaning of any unlnown words 'Compare ahdcontrasttecyclingschemesin different areasof the country. Which is ar example of: In fact,in America,where many stateshave the death penalry there are many more murde. A jury of 12 people will only be used in more serious cases,such as assaultor murder.

Tl versionp. T5 constructivep. T3 schemep. Scanning 1 Work in pairs. Answel the questions a thatworkersn lndonesia It's estimfited uho prod ceclothesfor fiultindtional coftpa lesgetabouthalfa percentof thetotalcost of theproduct theymoke Which sentencehas a relative clause that identifies which person or thing is being talked about?

Whichientence has a relative clause that adds extra infolmation, or a secondidea to the mainidea? Nearlyfivebillionpeoplehavenoacceo7ta reliabletelecomnunicatians. Fivebillionpeopleie about eiqhtyper cent ofthe warld'ePaPulatian. Main idea Main idea: A garmentworkerin Bangladesh, whichis oneof theworld'spoorest countfles, wouldhaveto saveeightyears'wagesto downloada computer.

Thelocalpeople,who wouldotherwrse havefew employment benefitlrom iobsusingtheirskillsandsaleof theircrafts. In Thailand had more mobile Phonesthan Africa.

Thailandis a reldtivel smrll counLry. Tourismhas doubled over the last 15yeals. Remembet 2 Main idea: Extra mformation: Match them to the descdptionsbelow. Organization d An inLernational organization that encourages countries to work together in order to solve 5 Friends of the world problemssuchaswar, diseaseand Earth Poverry. Before each section moduleyou will have spend half a minute reading the questions and underlining key words.

Read Questions 1 and 2 as manyasyoucan andunderlinekey Idhich of the following areasdoes the lecturer say she will cover?

A the telephone C the postal service B the fax D air travel 4. These are 7. Recognizingthesecanhelp you 'signPosts'and divide argument. Look at these them into these categories. Introduction Sequencing changing Con. The number of countries which produce coffee. The aeeof the farmer this articleis about The number of farmers that eam their livine from coffee. The number of times thaLcoffeebeans can be sold between leaving the farmer and afiiving in the supermarket. VitelioMenzahasbeendependenton coffeein Colombiaall hislife.

Now at 43 he isstillunable to finishbuildinghishousedue to lackof fundsand isstrugglingto keephisfamilytogether. Thefortunesof Vitelio,hiswife MariaEnithand their four childrenhavefluctuated dramaticallyalong with the priceof coffee. Overthe yearsthe familyhassufferedillnessbroughton by malnutrition. In other partsof the samearea,5omefamilieshaveturnedto growingdrugsin orderto survive;higherpricesare paid for cocaleaf the raw materialfor cocaine.

The Menzashavestayedloyal to the coffee cropbut not without great personal5acrifices.

Coffeeisgrown in 80 countriesin a bandaroundthe equatorand providesa livingfor nearly10 millionfarmers. Altogether,morethan 25 millionpeopleworldwidedependon growing, t0 processing, tradingand retailingcoffeefor their livelihood. Coffeeisthe secondmostvaluablecommodityafter oil. Not surprisingly. Apartfrom the consequences for alreadyovercrowded cities,thiscreateda viciouscirclein whichthe lack of labourfor cropmaintenance reducedthe qualityand valueof the coffee,further redu ing tne pnce, Butfor smallfarmersthe world priceisonly one of the factorsunderminingtheir abilityto makea decentliving.

Indeed,if they were ableto get a reasonable shareof this price,they would be pleased. Withoutthe meansto process or transporttheir cropto market,limited knowledgeof the frequentlychangingworld priceand a debt-drivennecessity to selltheir coffeethe momentit isripe whenpricesare lowest ,smallindependentfarmersfind themselves in a weak negotiatingposition.

Theyare preyto localdealerswho downloadthe coffee and sellit on to internationalmarkets. With only one majorharvesta year,farmersare desperate for cashby the time their cropisripe and are keento sellat whateverpricethey can get.

Not surprisingly,localdealersare quickto exploitthis. Many farmershave9ot together to set up co-operativemarketing ventureswhichenablethem to by-pass the middlemen. All too often,however,eventhe co-op cannotget financeto downloadthe crop,and membersstillsellto localtraders for cash,ratherthan wait for a betterprice.

Evidenceof low and declininglivingstandardsisclear. TheFairtrade Foundation's researchshowsreducedspendingon housing,children's education,healthand food.

Membersof the To advise readers against downloading non Fairtrade coffee. D To mcourage readers to protest about the cufient situation. Guessingmeaningtrom context 5 Read the text again and try to find wotds which mean the same as: Match the words ar d definitions. How is the passiveformed?

Thelrordaotfueis derivedfromthe Arabicwordogofrao, whichmeanswineor Coffeewasknownin Europe exciternent. At onetime coffeewasusedasa medicine.

Coffeeis grownbetweenthe Tropjcof Cancerandthe TropicofCapricorn. Decaffeinationis the naturaIor chemicaIprocess by whichcaffeineis removed fromthe green unroasted coffeebeans. Chocolate make from Eachtypeof bean Next, intoa machlne calleda 'wlnnower', whichremoves the hardoutershellsofthe beans. Afterthis mash thebeans Thenthechocolate heat Following this,the temper for liquorlO Finally, allow tl Writea report for a univercitylecturcr desc bing the infomation shown Detow. F'hd six siquencersjn this extracl from an inJomation leaflet.

Then add them to the text abovein the appropdateplacesto grveextra information 1 asthisproducesloremilk ooerallthanonce0 day 2 because it staysfresherlongerat around4 degreesC 3 a d theret'oreensurethat it is safefor conslhtlptnn 4 sothat the! The diagram below shows how sugar is producedfrom verbdlly to yoLlr sugdrbeets. Usethe verbs"inthe box to describethe P: Here are someexamplesof questionsthe examinermay then ask, Nowadays thereis more contactbetweencountrieson a global level so the world is often describedas a 'global village'.

Whatare the main rolesof internationalorganizationssuchas the United Nations? B a l a n c i n gt h e a r g u m e n t 1 24 Listen to a possibleanswerto one of the Part3 questionsabove and decidewhich questionisbeing answered.

T'P 2 Listen againand answerthesequestions. Donotgiveshort answersinPart3. Give 1 What rwo reasonsin favour of thispointdoes the student Bive? Here I m not exactlvsurewhatyou mean,but That'san interestingquestion. Discuss these questions. Put them into your own victim cleargoals categorres, truancy constructive detention review Other ways oI rcmembedng vocabulary 3 Here are some other ideas for leaming vocabulary Vy'hichof them have you tried?

MacmillanEssential Dictionary 1 What is the difference between conventional and altemative medicne? WhJt,4 lhy not? Note that you may use the lettersmore examples of each than once.

Relhxology by there Saffett, mechanei isnoknown split oud vhetho th. Whatis involved? The into practitloneflooks Glossary thepatlenfseyeandchecks thepupi's tocondude researchers c thatchiropract p gmentatton d aqrans agdnstiridology placebo: A cordinglo rofessorErnst,acupunctureis not A sufferfrom backpain.

B haveproblemswiih your teeth B uldology C reflexology D want to loseweight. B cannotbe proved to wor A Alterndhvelherapieswill be morecommonin C couldhelp'solveasthma roblems.

D canbe relaxing. C reflexoloqv D chiropraitrcmanipulation 6 In groups,discusswhich of thesealtemativemethodsyou would be most willing to tly or havetried already. Give reasonsfor yourchoice 7 Do you know or have you experiencedany other alternativemedical techniques,eg aromatherapy? Usethem to labelthe diagrams. Hobbies: University choice: Future plans: work with Forming questions See Grammar and vocabulary bank on page Name: Age: Nationality: Future plans: Speaking Exam information: Speaking: Part 1 In Part 1 of the Speaking module the examiner will ask you general questions about yourself.

Where you live? How often speak you English? What do you in your free time? Do you can speak any other languages? When did you came to this country?I'm keenon Chineeefoodana alavinl baoketbalL 1 keenon 2 nervousabout 3 good at 4 interested in 5 fascinated by 2 Draw pictures or diagrams to illustrate the following trends.

The examiners will be looking for these features in a written answer' 1 a full and relevant answer to the question - presenting and comparing data 2 organization, including appropriate linking devices, sentence structure and grammar 3 arangeofvocabulary What do you think are the strengths of this report?

A cordinglo rofessorErnst,acupunctureis not A sufferfrom backpain. Government's advisory body: Use the expressionsfrom the useful language box Useful language: Introduction 1 Strategy Academic achievement meanspassingexamssuchasA levels at schoolor university orgettinga Degreeor Masters. B a comedy.